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emmiesix 03-27-2013 12:56 PM

How to strip baseboards with wire-mold & outlets attached?
I wasn't sure whether to put this in electrical or painting, but as the rather problematic thing is the wiring, I'll put it here...

We have just purchased a flat in a building from 1918. It is in need of repair, and one of the first tasks will be stripping the paint from all the wood trim surfaces and doors (firstly to remove lead and secondly because they are original and have about 15 coats of paint on them).

I'm planning on using the SpeedHeater IR device that heats up the paint to make it easy to scrape off.

The unit had electricity from the beginning, but subsequent updates were on the cheap side, simply running new copper wires through the old tubing (lots of brick/plaster walls) and then "branching" outlets into several by running wire-mold around the room, right on top of the baseboards (which are wide, about 8" tall).

We don't particularly like the wire-mold, but it seems finding someone to relocate the wires by imbedding them into the paster-lath walls is both difficult and probably expensive.

So, I am considering for now that the best thing to do will be to un-attach the wire mold so I can strip and paint the baseboards, and then replace it (maybe I can find something less ugly, even).

I guess my question is, how difficult is this? Should I get an electrician to do it? I'm not even sure how the boxes are attached to the baseboards (glued?)...

Big N8 03-27-2013 01:01 PM

Post a picture. Also shut off the circuit and open one of the boxes and see what it looks like. To test and make sure it is off just plug a light in and turn of breakers or unscrew fuses until the light goes off.

This will give us a little more information to answer your questions more accurately.

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