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deepseathomas 10-14-2010 09:07 PM

Ha guys, I have a simple problem, and this is not my area expertise. Wiring from the old aluminum wires to the new pigtail copper for an outlet. I have one that is burned out. But still hot. or power going to it. I was told to use a new 14 gage copper pigtail to connect to the old aluminum wires. I have also the purple connectors to join the old wires with the new ones. Iím not sure how to attach them. I have 2 black aluminum, and 2 white with a copper ground? I have a 5 inch lead of new copper, black, white, and copper ground. The thousand dollar question is how to attach them to the aluminum wires without burning the house down./??????? Thomas::

bgewin 10-20-2010 02:11 PM

Aluminum/Copper Bridge
I'm about to close on a house that has aluminum wiring and am asking similar questions. Here are some things I've found:

- Cooper Wiring Devices make outlets that are supposedly compatible with copper and aluminum for about $2.25 each. There are three models, all with 5270 in the number (followed by a letter determining which color you want). This might be all you need. is a good place to look. They also have dual-metal switches (5221-7) and a 3-way switch (5223-7). But no dimmers.

- These guys make connectors for do-it-yourselfers for the pigtailing thing:

- I've read conflicting opinions on whether the purple wirenuts are safe. But if you use them, be sure to get some of the anti-corrosion paste and spread that on the aluminum wire(s) first.

- The CopAlum method by TYCO is apparently the best way short of rewiring with copper. But you need somebody who's trained to do it, and they have to rent the tools, and it sounds expensive. They basically use a fancy crimper tool and some special connectors to install copper pigtails. See

Good luck. I think I'm just going to rewire the 1964 ranch house I'm buying with copper room by room over time. Hopefully it won't burn down before I get a chance to finish. :yes:

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