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jelly 11-08-2007 03:08 PM

How is this for recessed lighting quality?
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Awhile ago I needed to throw some GFCI's in the house and was just amazed at the prices. Found this website where they were at least half the price of most other places I looked. $5 shipped is tough to beat. Am doing more remodeling and am in need of some recessed lighting. Sure enough, same type of pricing compared to the Home Depot/Lowes market and pretty much every home products site I've seen. They also have free standard shipping If you're doing some renovating and remodeling, this is a great place to look around. They also seem to constantly be expanding their offerings as well and will send you small catalogs every so often (not obtrusively so). Products are good quality and the lighting are the same models I've seen in the stores.

Main website:

Recessed lighting :
Under $11 for 4, 5, & 6 inch IC/non-IC, new construction/remodel lights with trim plate.

Piedmont 11-08-2007 03:50 PM

Is this an advertisement? Instead of posting the direct links, why do the links you give have a UID and redirector to go through first with a UID then redirect to the end site.

Is the UID yours, and you get $ for anyone clicking from

Stubbie 11-08-2007 04:45 PM

Jelly has posted for several types of advice in several forums here during remodeling projects. I think this is just sharing a possible good priced place to get your supplies for a remodeling project.

jelly 11-08-2007 08:32 PM

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hi sorry about that, i just copied and pasted from that site.

just asking, I need 25 recessed lights and the prices on that site seem to good to be true compared to Lowes and HD.

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