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mrcts 12-04-2008 11:33 AM

How to move a "Light switch"
I need to move a light switch from a kitchen wall to a wall round the corner (2 feet) into another room. I can not re-route the cables but do not need the existing switch, I plan to use the box as a junction box, put on a cover plate, and leave it exposed. I have run a new cable and put in the new switch, however, when I turn on the breaker and the new switch nothing happens, (the old switch is still in place at the moment, and still works, new wires just fastened temporarily in place). The wiring is as follows: old switch has 2 cables in the box..white wires together in a wire nut.. 2 black wires together in a wire nut.. black wire bared, hooked on a connector and wire on connector on switch, both theses wires are "hot". I "patched" into switch ( temp.) black to black, white to red, as I only ran a 2 wire cable to the new switch. Can anyone tell me how I should make the connections? Thanx

220/221 12-04-2008 07:58 PM

At the existing switch box, on the 2 wire cable you ran to the new switch, mark the white wire with black tape and connect it to the two black wires in the existing box. Then connect the black wire to the red.

In the new box, mark the white wire with black tape. Terminate the two wires on the two screwa on the switch.

Of course, tie all grounds (bare) together and whites remain together.

In the original wiring, the blacks are hot (in and out), the red is the switch leg (going to the light) and the white are neutral (return path to the source). All you are doing is sending the (hot) power to the new sw box on the white and bringing it back on the black.

mrcts 12-08-2008 07:07 AM

Light switch
:)Thanks for the assistance, switch re-wired and working fine.:thumbsup:

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