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How to get wiring into wall with tongue and groove panels

I need to run a cable along ceiling and then down into a wall that is covered with tongue and groove panels, so cutting a hole in the wall big enough to get a drill in does not seem feasible. I think I can cut way enough of the panel to get past the top plate and still be able to cover it with the "crown" moldling. Is there any legitimate way to run vertically along the front of the wall top plate and then into the wall? Can I cover the section with some kind of metal protection? I was thinking of covering the area with a metal plate before putting the crown molding back on, or even attaching a metal plate to the back side of the molding itself. Oh and above the ceiling is a finished room with a floor.


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What type of exterior siding?


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I've done this - from the floor up - in a wall with T&G. I could end at a rec box (so I had that going for me, which is nice). It was painted T&G about 2 inches wide. You can hide the top nicely with molding.

- At the bottom of the wall, I made a horizontal cut across two of the planks about six inches up. I cut out the tongue on one plank with a flush cut saw and carefully removed the two planks. This gave me enough room to drill down and pull a wire into the room.
- When I was done I fixed a piece of scrap across the interior of the gap using trim nails. This gave some support to the removed pieces, which I glued and toenailed back into place.
- Once puttied and painted it isn't terribly obvious, unless you are looking for it.
If I could only remember to THINK about what I was doing before I did it.
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Waterman and Leah are on the right track.
I was going to advise to "think outside the box" and go at it from outside.
I've done this with vinyl siding (helps to have a separator tool), shingles, and planks.
You just need to remove some siding to drill into the bay your snaking, and down into the wall.
Then carefully put the siding back. With shingles, you have to under-cut one to start removing the ones above it. Start about 24" below where you need to work, and loosen the ones above slowly so you don't split them to pieces (flat bar works, or you can get a pry bar made for just this).

I've done Leahs idea as well.
Remove the trim boards top and bottom.
Gently twist out one, two or three T & G boards till you can get the center one out.
Pull any nail that come out with the board through the back, trying to reverse them out will split or splinter the board.
Make your notches, run the wires, plaster the holes, put the boards back in in the reverse order that you removed them.
You may be able to use adhesive to put the boards back in place, so no re-finishing.

Good Luck
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Thanks everyone. The question on the exterior siding was a good one. My exterior siding is actually half logs, so that might have been tough, but thankfully this is an interior wall and while the room I am installing the fan in has the tongue and groove panels the other side of the wall is sheet rock. There is a kitchen cabinet that may be in the way but I think that should be easy enough to remove , cut the hole, and replace.
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