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Originally Posted by dmxtothemax View Post
So what do you have to do, if you come across an old color code
piece of wire, where the black was neutral ?
Are you required to replace it ?

The old color code was

I understand the possable confusion
with the use of the black wire.
cause someone not knowing, could think
it is hot when it is neutral.

It could also be a 240 line with out neutral.
thats why he needs to test to be sure !
See below for my comment.,

Originally Posted by dmxtothemax View Post
Then its different in the USA,
but in Australia the old color code was
red and black, its now brown and blue.
I think some parts of europe used to use black and red
in the past also.
So now I know something new.

Could the cable be a 240v feed with no neutral ?
Look down .,

Originally Posted by dmxtothemax View Post
I have read somewhere, in the past in older posts
that you used to use red and black in the past.

But apparanttly thats not true !

It was true for Australia and parts of europe
before they introduced the new brown and blue.
In fact I know in USA side history wise they never use black as netural on AC system but possiblty for the DC side but that is not relaive now and in France and majorty of our European area the old colour format for monophase was used to be red for phase conductor while black is used for netural which that is true but not anymore they changed that about 10 years back.

So with modern European colour for monophase side :

Brown - Phase ( line or hot )
Bleu - Neutal

But don't go there with triphase colour it still not really standardized yet but getting there. ( I am allready used to 2 differnt verison which it is legit in my area < France > )



The answer will be based on NEC ( National Electrical code ) or CEC ( Cananda Electrical code ) or ECF ( Electrique Code France )
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Thanks for your thoughts on this guys. Sorry for the blurry pic and my poor wording of the situation. both have caused confusion.

The box does have black and white. I have tested these and have 120 with the black and white wires. I have not tested the red for ground and do not see a bare wire ....but I have not stripped more sheathing off the cable to see if a bare wire is available.

I talked with the electrician who helped me to start with and he believes the red went to ground but asked that I check by removing the panel and tracing the wire. I plan do just that, plus if there is a way to test ground with the multimeter I would like to do that to double check my work. But I don't know how. Any thoughts on that? TIA.
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Red should never be ground.

Unless the cable has a ground it is useless, except for scrap. Your wiring method needs a grounding means.


Answers based on the National Electrical Code. Local amendments may apply. Check with your local building officials.
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