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FwuffyTheBunny 07-12-2007 08:37 PM

House Wiring Help please
Hey. I am in college to become an electrician. My neighbor asked me to do come look a problem she was having so I went and looked. She had an old GFCI outside which was the first in the circuit, and the load side ran underground to her shed. In the shed is 2 receptacles, the first is by itself, the other is controlled by a switch. The whole system won't work.

Now, the old GFCI, i replaced, because the reset button was broken, and it was just too old. I disconnected the whole shed circuit, so just the GFCI was hooked up. I gave it power, and it works. I hooked up the next receptacle in the shed, nothing else, and the GFCI loses power. It doesn't trip or anything, it loses power completely. Which led me to believe it blew a fuse. Therefore the problem is probably the wire underground. So I replaced all the underground wiring. Laid out new stuff. Wired it all up. The whole circuit now. And BAM, still the same problem. What do I do? I have idea no where the problem is.

PS. When i look at the fuses, that I thought were blown, they seem fine, but I cannot tell. But at the start that WAS the problem. When I first started troubleshooting at the GFCI, it wasnt getting power because of the fuse.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Stubbie 07-12-2007 10:46 PM

Did you try a new fuse or swap out the fuse for this circuit with a known good one from another position in the panel?

Are you using a voltage tester to verify no power at the gfci and at the fuse panel branch circuit hot wire?


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