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pcd1965 08-22-2009 06:23 PM

house power supply upgrade in Australia
Hi Everyone,
Currently looking at fitting a swimspa and need extra power for system.
My house has a 80amp 500V breaker in meter box outside and inside the meter board has a main switch with markings M63 250V ~ 80A x. ( I presume this would be 60amp )
board is filled with 4 X 16A power, 2 X 10A lights, 1 X 16A water heater, 1 X 25A shed, 1 X 10A smoke detectors, 1 X 16A evap aircon, 1 X 20A Split system air con for 1 room, 1 X 20A wall oven, 1 X 20A hot plates. The RCD sits in the middle taking up a couple of spots. Board is full with no more room.
I am in Australia by the way.
Now the swim spa has 2 X 3.0 Hp 12.5 Amp pumps 2 X 1.5Hp 8.5 Amp pumps, 6KW 25Amp electric heater, 1.0AMP Ozone generator, 5 AMP Air blower.
All this is connected to a Genius IV and Plus IV controllers.
They recommend a couple of circuits, Circiut 1 20Amp for heater, 1X 8.5amp filter, ozone and air blower. 2nd circuit 32amp for the 2x 12.5 amp and 1x 8.5amp pumps.
Now the original heater was gas at 1.5Amps, I have replaced this with the 6kw 25amp heater.
I have had a couple of sparkies come around so far with different ideas.
1st one said to upgrade 25Amp shed breaker to 32amp on existing 4mm wire.
Then upgrade one of the existing house external 16amp power points to 20amp for the second circuit.
( The system may be installed in my existing 20 X 30 shed at the moment or outside, shed has power board with 2X 20amp power and 1X 10amp light breakers).

2nd sparky said he could replace RCD spot with 2X 16amp rcd breakers and convert rest on that circiut to rcd as well to give 1 dedicated 32amp line and thats all the board inside will allow.
Or fit new power board next to outside meter box and tap in to that to give a 32amp dedicated line.
What i forgot to ask him is is it possible to install an extra 25amp line with the 32amp from the new power board or am i still restricted to max 32amps.
Would i need to upgrade my service from outside and anyone have a rough idea of cost here in South Australia.
Sorry for the long drawn out story.
Any help would be much appreciated

kbsparky 08-22-2009 07:05 PM

I have only visited the land of Oz a couple of times, but didn't pay enough attention to their wiring systems to be able to give you a good opinion on your situation. I passed through Adelaide in October, 1975. In those days, I believe they were still installing porcelain fuse blocks and using renewable fuse wire.

I would love to see a photo of your electric service in any case! :wink:

Yoyizit 08-22-2009 08:06 PM


Originally Posted by pcd1965 (Post 317943)
anyone have a rough idea of cost here in South Australia

If you get enough bids, you can probably tell what you really need. To get 5 bids you may need to call 10 or 15 contractors.

........^relative price^

Bids a and f are probably outliers, and bcd seems to be the true price of doing your job in your area, today.

Incompetence and/or greed may cancel out to some extent with this method.

pcd1965 08-22-2009 08:17 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I only currently have a pic of the inside board
I will try to post some pics of outside meter box soon.
All i can tell from memory ( as i am not home for a few days yet) is the outside box has a main fuse with 80Amp 500V marked on side.
And there are 3 sealed meters
From what i have found out so far this is stepped down to a 63amp main switch inside house.


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