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Hot Tub GFCI Grounding Question

Hi guys, I have a question regarding an install of a 50A hot tub GCFI box. I am in the process of helping a friend hookup a hot tub at his new house and want to make sure this is done correctly. Here is the scenerio:
The previous owners must have had their own hot tub at the patio because we found their connection point which was a blanked off box (looks like they took the disconnect/gfci with them.) There is a 6-2 w/g feeding it. We purchased the 50A square-d GFCI breaker box from home depot to install because the main breaker in the main panel feeding this circuit is not gfci protected. We placed his hot tub so it is no closer than 5ft from the box location and in visible sight from the hot tub and properly labeled the box. The question came about when we went to hookup the box. In checking the hot tub manufacturers installation manual and wiring diagram it only calls for a 220v service (2 hots /1 ground - no neutral). I understand that the load side of this gfci breaker where the neutral is to attach (if present) is to be left alone if there is no neutral present, which there isn't in this situation. So, my question is can we connect the pigtail from the gfci breaker to the ground buss in the breaker box along with the grounds from the hot tub and main panel since there is no neutral feeding the circuit or the neutral buss in the box. The isolated neutral buss in this breaker box would just be left alone with nothing attached. The way I understand it, the gfci needs a 0-volt reference to operate correctly. I understand that normally this pigtail would goto the isolated neutral buss in the box, however in this situation there is no neutral feeding the box. We tested the gfci and it works properly and the hot tub itself has two diagnostic lights at the board that say if it is wired correctly and if it is bonded/grounded correctly and both light up saying it is wired correctly. I would just like you guys professional advice to ensure we did this correctly before filling up the tub. Thanks for your help in advance! DOC


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You CANNOT do this. The GFI breaker does need a LINE neutral connection to work, it does not need a load neutral connection. Meaning the white tail off the breaker MUST be attached to a true neutral source.
IF the cable feeding this were 6/3 it would be fine. The 6/2 has no neutral for this 240v circuit.

You can however do this using a GFI breaker in the main panel, then have the 6/2 feeding an outside disconnect, with two hots and an INSULATED ground in conduit and sealtite going from the disconnect to the tub.


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Thanks Speedy for your help!
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good question and good answer. this has helped me with a similar question i had for hot-tub install.

wish there was some sort of point system to award good posts

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