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Hot Socket!!!

I have a 110 outlet in my kitchen that is HOT. I unplugged the box fan from it (it was not running) and the plug was sooo hot I thought it was melted. The toaster is also run from this outlet. It was plugged in when I got home but hadn't been used in hours. I went to unplug the fan about 3 hours after unplugging the toaster. EVEN the switch plate is hot!, The wall is hot! the outlet and box around it is HOT! I have 1946 wiring---the old kind where you can't tell the white from the black wire. The kind with the string like insulation around it. There is no ground to the outlet and it appears that the black and white wires are put in in opposite sides for the top outlet and the bottom. Why is the wall and box hot? Heck, why is the whole thing hot? No one was using anything from this outlet for hours. It is not on a sunny wall---it was 101 today. Got any ideas? thanks

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Hot Socket!!!

Sounds like you may have 120V only service. Do you have a fuse panel with the little round fuses?

As for the socket, I would say go pull the fuse to that plug until you can find out exactly what's going on. It could be that the recepticle, (socket) has a loose connection and is arcing (sparking), either inside or a loose wire outside that is causing the heat. Not enough to blow the fuse but will just keep building heat until there is a fire.

That seems to me where I would look first. I would have suggested that possibly the fuse for that socket may have been replaced by one that is over the current rating for that outlet, (likely, 15 amps), but since you stated that nothing was running at the time, I would go with the bad outlet/wiring.

So, pull the fuse on that plug until you either check it yourself or have someone look at it.


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Hot Socket!!!

It might be a bad splice in the outlet box. Something is plugged in down circuit and that splice is heating up. You should take Kencaz's advice and turn off that circuit until you figure out exactly what the problem is. Alot of fires start this way. Maybe somebody used the device (outlet) to splice and the device is going bad.
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Hot Socket!!!

we have pulled the outlet from the wall. It sat extended all night and is now cold. Sometime in the history of this house the fuse box was replaced with a breaker box. This outlet and the light fixtures (3) and the outlet that serves the microwave are on the same breaker---I think. THe way things are connected to breakers is really random around here. My brother contends that Mickey and Goofy worked on this house before we got here. I am hoping to make contact with a friend who is an electrician for help today--Saturday-- In the mean time should I pull the breaker? Thanks, Dawn
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You talking to me?
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Hot Socket!!!

turning the breaker off would be adequate unless there is the possibility that somebody unknowingle would turn it back on. In that case, I would remove the wire from the breaker and leave the breaker in place. That way there will be no open space in the panel cover to be unsafe.
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