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dmank 12-29-2008 01:54 AM

hooking up welder help?
i have a 50 amp input welder with 20% duty cycle that I put on a 60 amp breaker. Now that breaker is connected with 6/3 to a 30 amp dryer receptacle. The reason being is that the welder has a 30 amp male end which looks to have been switched from the 50 amp by a previous owner. The welder cord appears to be a 10/3 . My question is whether or not that 30 amp receptacle will be ok on the 60 amp breaker? From what I have read online the wire for the welder is small because the duty cycle allows a derating of .45 for it. Also I hear there is a 200% max overcurrent protection allowed for the breaker above the input amps. Will what I described work?

J. V. 12-29-2008 11:48 AM

The welder needs to be on it's own circuit. If it is rated at 50 amp, then you must use a 50 amp male plug and receptacle. Buy the correct cable with the attached plug.
You are right concerning the ability to use smaller conductors due to the duty cycle.

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