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HOMT breaker not fitting

I was about to add a Tandom breaker to my Homeline (HOMC40UC) panel only to find out that it does not fit. The slot for the connection point on the breaker is not long enough to properly seat the breaker. After invistigating the Homeline panel further (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't believe this panel is made to accept HOMT tandom breakers.

This was confusing to me because there are aready 13 of them installed. I pulled them all out for examination and found nothing on the panel that was different but .... all of the installed tandom breakers appear to have had the slot on the plastic housing 'elongated' allowing them to slip into place nicely.

The house was built in 2000 and nothing has been done since (electrically). Inspections all in place.

Anyone have any ideas ? It sure looks suspicious to me and I'm concerned about the NEC legality of the installation.

Thanks, Jess


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A 40-circuit panel from the year 2000 is not designed to accept any tandem breakers. Those breakers were probably modified/damaged in order to make them "fit" into the panel.

Not a good thing.

You might be able to purchase a new panel with 40/60 rating, and swap out the guts.



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Thanks for the responce.

I'm in the middle of finishing off the basement and will need the extra space of a new panel anyway.

I just have a hard time with this one as it was supposedly done by a Master electrician.
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The HOM load centre if they did not listed the tandam breaker then you can not use it at all.

I genrally don't bother the cover info I always go to the tub sticker info due majorty of the breaker manufactors useally use common size panel to cover few diffrent models so look inside the load centre and look up the model numbers in there.

There will be a model number like example HOM2040M200 this model number it mean you can use 20 tandam breaker or 40 fullsized breaker and this model number mention it have main breaker in there and last number is main breaker or lug rating in amps.

now let go next step if this load centre do not list combo numbers as above so here it is HOM40L200 - HOM series 40 fullsized breaker { no tandam breakers are allowed } L - Main lug, 200 = 200 amp rated lugs

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