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pjpjpjpj 07-20-2007 09:53 PM

Home Electrical / Car Stereo Question
I know nothing about car stereos, but I had a crazy thought the other day and figured someone here on this board would know home electrical stuff and also car stereo (electrical) stuff.... so here goes....

How difficult would it be to "rig up" a car stereo (or, actually, an in-dash video player/receiver) in a house, hardwired in?

I assume (admittedly, without researching) that the foremost issue is that car power is DC, so the first problem would be getting a transformer to take 110VAC to whatever the stereo required in DC, right?

As far as speakers - are car speakers and home speakers essentially the same, as far as the signal sent to them from the receiver/amp/radio? Or are they a different capacity (resistance ohms or something)? Could you use home speakers (say, small in-ceiling type speakers, like you typically see sold for home theater surround usage) with a car stereo?

Finally, do these systems typically have standard audio and video inputs in the rear (component, composite, S-video, headphone-jack type plug)? I know they typically have an "aux" input on the front (for video game systems, iPods, MP3 players, and whatnot) but do they have connections on the back where it would be out of view when permanently connected (for connection from the satellite box)?

I had this crazy idea that I would love to install one of those car stereos with the slide-out, pop-up TV screen into my bathroom, and have the sound wired to ceiling speakers. If I built a cabinet with a mounting frame that would hold it in place, could this work? I am not looking for some high-end sound system that will blow me away and rock the house, nor do I care about a beautiful HD picture on the TV... I just want to have a small TV and a radio/audio receiver at the vanity area that I could hear with the shower running or whatever, and car systems like this are way less expensive than buying a small LCD TV and a stereo receiver (plus I can't find a receiver small enough). Plus, you would get the added benefit of the TV "disappearing" when not in use. :thumbsup:

Obviously, this would take some rigging - transformers and all - but can anyone clue me in on the feasibility?

gregzoll 07-22-2007 04:47 PM

Home speakers are 8ohm, where as car speakers are 4 & 6 ohms. For the cost that it would take to rig a system up, get a cheap bookshelf system.

Speedy Petey 07-22-2007 04:51 PM

A small ~5 amp 12v power supply to power the
Making it all work and look/sound decent......not worth the trouble, unless of course you want to play and/or can't afford much else.

Like Greg said though, a book shelf system is cheap these days.

gregzoll 07-22-2007 04:55 PM

I did forget to add, with most people having computers in their bedrooms, or even having laptops with media capabilities, who needs a stereo system.

human 08-12-2012 06:59 PM

Just a minor correction to Greg's comment regarding home vs. car speaker impedance. While indeed historically most home speakers were roughly 8 ohms, many in recent decades are 4 or even lower.

To answer this aspect of the OP (I know it's out of date), there is no difference in the basic technology and car and home speakers are essentially interchangeable.

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