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Originally Posted by Jim Port View Post
You are still relying on that tired view that a word means the same thing because it is used more times one way than another.
What other way do we have to determine the exact meaning of a word that the code uses than to see how it uses it hundreds of other times? It's not a "tired view" just because you don't agree with it. It's basically the only logical way.

YOU, on the other hand, are trying to say that this word is used in 300.15 in a different way than it's used EVERYWHERE ELSE in the code. That makes ZERO sense.
You keep bringing up assassinate as a meaning, but you ignore that termination also means an end.
No, I have NOT ignored it. When I said that assassination and kill are definitions, that was in addition to the other meanings including "end". I SAID THAT, but again, you ignored it.

I was very clear when I said that there are many meanings, but you continue to be willfully ignorant and only read what you want to.
I don't think you will see it any other way
And I don't think YOU will see it any other way, yet for some reason you expect me to. That's very arrogant of you.
so I am dropping out before PETA gets involved for beating a dead horse or trying to get the horse to drink from the water of knowledge.
You have contributed to beating that dead horse the entire time.

I would ask you again what reasonable explanation you could come up with the explain why the NEC would use the word Termination differently in 300.15 than it uses it ANYWHERE ELSE in the HUNDREDS of places it's used in the book, but I know you will ignore that yet again, so what's the use?


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Originally Posted by Code05 View Post
Ya sure sound like Cletis and you have not shown any creds or sources besides ET.
As I said, I am not a member of ET. Who is it with the reading problem?

Now tell me, what do "creds" have to do with anything? Like I said before, you seem to think that "creds" mean something. The fact of the matter is that this is a discussion and the point I have made has not been refuted. It doesn't matter if I am just some nobody on the internet or Mike Holt in disguise. The words that I am typing are all that matter, and those words are what you can't refute, so instead you bring up "cred" as if it means something. I bet you were a loser in high school, so that is why you now act like a big popular dude on the internet

What are we to expect or think?
You are expected to answer my question and discuss the topic at hand. What does that have to do with "cred"?

It seems as if you'll take any avenue except discussing the topic.

What I said in post #163 is perfectly logical. It may not be true, but it is a reasonable interpretation of something that is not clear. As usual, you ignored it and chose to bring up forum popularity. Pathetic...
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Let's keep it civil and knock off the name-calling. Am I the only one who noticed that cgordonrogers never came back for an answer to this question that has no answer?

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His question should be answered on the first page. He can just disconnect the wires from the switch, if he wants he can cut them as short as possible and push them out of the box into the wall cavity (this isn't necessary, but it will ensure that the wires are never accidentally energized by someone else). Then he can patch over the boxes legally and safely.

No who is going to argue with me about this method??
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Thread closed. Serves no purpose anymore.


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