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DaveS60R 03-12-2009 01:18 AM

Help w/ new light install
I'm installing four additional can lights and have tapped into an existing power source running power to the first can light and then daisy chaining from there ending at a dimmer. I have moderate experience w/ electrical install, but am having trouble understanding the proper wiring technique here. I have my handy HD electrical book which describes how to use this technique with one fixture to a switch, but I'm not certain how this works when daisy chaining the lights.

Do I daisy chain the lights from the power as usual, i.e. black to black; white to white; etc. until that last fixture before the dimmer, at which point I split the wires from the last fixture between the fixture and the dimmer, i.e. black from power to white (dimmer marked black), white from power to black (fixture), White (fixture) to black (switch) all ground connected. Or, do I split the power at the first fixture from the tapped power source and the white neutral (now marked black) and as I go continue splicing the neutral (now marked black) at each fixture, etc. I did it this way the first time, and while the lights were on and breaker didn't trip, when the dimmer was at full strength, the lights were maybe at 1/6 power. I double checked my connections thinking I had a bad ground connection, but everything seemed fine.

I decided to run the circuit this way because I didn't want to fish two 12/2 down my wall to run power to the switch and then to the lights.


dSilanskas 03-12-2009 06:27 AM

I think I understand what your saying. Power source at one end recess lights in the middle and dimmer at the end. Bring the 14/2 to the first recess. And install a 14/3 between all the rest of the lights. Connect black to black white to white and splice the red through. When you get to the recess closest to the dimmer run a 14/2 from that recess to the dimmer. The red from the 14/3 will splice to the white from the 14/2 going to the dimmer. The white from the 14/2 will splice with the black from the 14/3. So power goes down on the red turn the switch on and it goes back up on the white to the black from the recess lights. :thumbup:

DaveS60R 03-12-2009 06:23 PM

Thanks. It makes sense.

dSilanskas 03-12-2009 08:54 PM

Your welcome:)

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