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ballutster 10-13-2008 09:12 AM

Help with single pole switch

I tried to upgrade my switched in my bathroom and run into some problems. I have 2 one-gang plate for each closet, 1 double gang for the toilet and 2 three gang plates for vanities, ceiling, etc... All of them are single poles. I purchased new Cooper switches, and replaced them one at a time to ensure that the wiring was similar.
I started with the 2 gang in the toilet, and everything worked. Then took care of the 2 sone gang for the closet, and everything worked fine.
i then started on the 3 gang for the vanities and ceiling, and the last switch (the one for the ceiling was not working?????
Worst, after that I replaced the last 3 gang for the shower and bathtub, and again replaced the switches one at the time, replicating the wiring, and all 3 switches were not working and the 2 switches for the toilet are also not working anymore.
Again all switches were single pole. I need help or a good electrician in Franklin, TN :laughing:

220/221 10-13-2008 07:22 PM

You did something wrong :jester:

Just double check your work. It aint rocket surgery.

If you backstabbed the wires, make sure you stripped them long enough.

Check the wire nutted connection on the pigtailed hots. If they weren't done properly originally they could have come loose (under the nut) when you pulled the wires out.

ScottR 10-13-2008 07:57 PM


I started with the 2 gang in the toilet
I hope that one is on a GFI breaker... :laughing: (Sorry, just a joke -- couldn't resist.)

220 is probably right. Doubt it's a huge deal.

If it's multiple switches that aren't working, probably one wire came loose that feeds all of them.

When you put them back into the wall, make sure that all the wires fold in neatly behind the switch/receptacle and no one wire gets pulled too tightly.

Also, the loose connection may be on a receptacle or even in a different box than the switches that aren't working. So couldn't hurt to go over everything. With the power off. :) If a hot lead it loose, it could jump out when you pull the device from the box.

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