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westing 05-01-2007 08:37 AM

Help...Sheetrockers knocked out ceiling lights
Renovating basement: installed 3 light switches (one controls one can light, another controls four can lights, and the third switch controls two can lights). Sheetrockers put up drywall yesterday and they didn't mention a problem and I didn't hear a short or anything odd, but now only two of the four can light grouping work and only one of the two can light grouping work? I would think an entire switch or grouping would be knocked out instead of just half of two of the switches or groupings? Any ideas on how to repair? Is this common? I've heard some don't do light until after sheetrock and maybe this is why? I will have electrician repair, obviously, but wondered if sheetrockers would know what they did and if they would normally (in a perfect world) fix their mistake, or since they're not electricians is whatever they damage just an "oh well"? Thanks.

moneymgmt 05-01-2007 08:46 AM

Sounds dumb, but check to make sure the bulbs aren't burned out before this gets any more complicated than necessary. If the first 2 lights of a 4 light circuit work then there is an issue between lights 2 and 3. Do you have access to those cans or the wiring? They may have missed a stud and clipped the wire. If they haven't mudded yet I'd take a sheet down and fix it; if they have, not sure what the path of least destruction is.

J187 05-01-2007 08:48 AM

Please forgive this question - Have you checked the bulbs? Not likely bulbs blow in bunches, but trauma to those bulbs or the surrounding area can cause them to go. AKA Sheetrocking... I blew two can bulbs almost simaltaneously by hammering a wall nearby.

westing 05-01-2007 09:13 AM

Not the brightest bulb in the bunch!
Okay, you can let me have it because boy do I deserve it. I did check a bulb last night but I must've used a blown one because when I just checked again with new bulbs (thanks to your two replies!), they're all working. Very sorry for the trouble, and thanks for asking the obvious, "dumb," etc. question, by asking you saved me a lot of trouble and money had I had the electrician back out! For what it's worth, I'm usually brighter than this.

J187 05-01-2007 10:25 AM

Well, its not necessarily something you suspect when there are multiple instances of lights not working. But, as I mentioned, trauma is not good for bulbs - just ask me. I recently crawled across floor joists to the complete opposite side of my SMALL attic in my split level home only to clank the drop light off of a rafter - lights out. I had to feel my way toward the opening for like 20 minutes - now I carry a flashlight... :)

KUIPORNG 05-01-2007 11:08 AM

sometimes new wiring will give problem similar due to bad connection.... but in theory, all device boxes are accessible, and if you have a map of how all circuits go, it is not difficult to trace an fix them... so the key is create a circuit diagram and attached it in the panel box for future reference.

westing 05-01-2007 12:59 PM

Thanks. I think I also just jumped the gun and went right into minor panic mode, "I can't do wiring when it's behind all this sheet rock! Now I have to pay for an electrician again!" instead of relaxing and checking the bulbs properly. ... Wow, I can imagine getting caught in the dark attic, it happened to me in my basement (before the window installation) but of course that wasn't half of what you had to deal with; glad you didn't fall through. ... "Circuit diagram," great idea, thanks! Luckily, I did take good photos of everything before the sheetrock went up. Thanks again! Oh, and my apologies to the sheetrockers that I tried to blame.

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