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jburchill 05-04-2011 04:43 PM

Help with Recessed Lighting
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Hello, I want to put in recessed lighting in my basement when I refinish it. I am in the current planning phase right now. i was going off of 6 inch lights, and trying to space them 6 feet apart. I have attached a drawing of my basement. Please take a look and see if that looks ok. The top 4 lights are separate from the bottom 8. And the two on the right are also separate.

Also is 8 too many for one switch? Also this is basement and used for whatever right now. If anything a family room in the future. Also I'm not sure what wattage for bulbs yet either. Its and 8 foot ceiling.

Thanks in advance

iceman536 05-04-2011 06:53 PM

With recessed lighting you can never have "too many". Without deciding what watt bulbs you won't be able to determine if it will be too bright, or how many you can put on one circuit. I would put a dimmer on them regardless. I just put (7) 6" recessed led lights in my kitchen and they nicely illuminate an 11' x 12' area. The nice thing about the led lights is it takes a LOT before you need to worry about overloading a circuit. I believe they are 11 watt, equivalent to 65 watt incandescent. They are a bit pricey, got them on sale for $38 at Lowe's. The light and bezel is one piece so that offsets the cost a bit but limits your choices too. I am very happy with them.

frenchelectrican 05-05-2011 12:35 AM

I always go by the manufacter cans wattage limits and typically for non IC they can go high as 150 watts { check the manufacter lables to see the specfics some will post lower limitage as well.}

As far for sizing for the circuit I go max wattage total per listed on the luminaire and if you going to use the dimmer please pay attetion the wattage rating and use the wattage rating based on max wattage in the luminaire.

For the indentscent bulbs typically 65BR30 or 65PAR30 or 65R30 is the most common bulb I have ran into but again it depending on the trim type as well.

You may need two or more dimmers depending on how you want to have them dimmed and if you going with CFL route please please make sure they are rated for dimmer useage.

You may need multi location dimmer if you use them otherwise you may need one set of three ways if you have other room across the room you are posted in there.
Hope that help ya.


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