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HELP! Outlets shorted...cause and fix?

Went to turn the tv on in the bedroom when all I heard was a buzzing sound and then nothing.

99% of all the outlets in the master bedroom and the connecting bedrooms do not work.

Went to check the breaker and nothing was tripped. Plus the lights in both bedrooms still work.

Tried reseting the GFCI in the master ensuite, not sure what is connected to it, to see if it would fix the problem. nope. Tried reseting the GFCI in the guest bathroom. didn't fix the problem either

All the lights and outlets in the master ensuite work.

Did hear the buzzing sound one more time, think the outlets worked for a brief second and then dead again.

So I need help to identify the problem and how to fix it please?



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I'd start by checking the connections on the outlets. Shut off the breaker first.
If there back stabed change it to under the screws.
Find one with burn marks, there's your problum.


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Find the last working outlet and the first non-working outlet in the daisy chain. The loose connection is almost certainly at either of these locations.

Where the buzzing sound came from is also an excellent place to home in on when trying to find the loose connection.

Also, using a washcloth or a glove on your finger, gently press (not that hard) on various outlets while a lamp plugged into a dead outlet was left switched on. See if the light comes on.
The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.

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Normally the power to the lights in a room come from the outlets. When the lights do not work or there are many outlets not working, there is a loose wire somewhere. Go to Lowes and purchase a plug in outlet tester, item number 292767. It is only $3.98. This will tell if you have power and if the outlet is wired correctly.
Most electrical home builders wire outlets and switches by poking the wires in the back of the devices. To me, this is unsafe. An outlet is not a wire nut, it is a device. Many time I have services house where the wires have backed out or burned up due to constant heat or continuous plugging in and unplugging. My method is to rewire all the outlets by first counting you outlets. Buy six inches of 14-2 or 12-2 romex, I usually use 14-2, and two red wire nuts for every outlet. Turn off the power, cut off the outer jacket from the romex, toss the ground wire, cut the wires 6", strip all the wires about one inch on both ends of the black and white, curl one end of each wire making a hook, and pre wire or re-wire all the devices to one screw and one screw only on each side of the outlet.
Black wire goes on the brass screw and white wire on the chrome screw. The bare conductor stays put on the green screw. This is the PIGTAIL method. Google it to see how it is done. Do not use the poke thru method. Wire nut the wires accordingly color to color and reinstall in the boxes. If you take the time to take out all outlets by pulling the straight out, you will probably find a wire has come loose.
Usually a wire will just pop out due to excessive plugging in and unplugging or it can be heat damage and the outlet is so deteriorated (burned up) it won’t hold wire any longer. By doing this, this will save you a lot of headaches down the road. As far as your switches, just cut the wires from the back of the switch as short as you can and strip and hook them back on the screws.
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