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Originally Posted by Johnboy555 View Post
So Mr...Miss... or Mrs...JWhite are you the " electrical Police" ??? I've been a professional Handyman for over 34 years and I'll put the knowledge of the jobs that I do against anyone out there. And If I don't know how to do a job I find out. Sometimes I come to a forum like this. For information.. not opinions of someone that I don't know, or doesn't know me. Do me a favor..don't assume that I'm a moron and I'll do my best to do the same for you!!
I'm not looking for a cable finder that will do brain surgery... just one that will inject a signal that a meter can pick up 6" underground.
I'll check the sites from you other guys with my thanks, at least you have something positive.
I never assumed you were a moron. You suggested that.

I assumed that you were an unlicenced person taking the food out of the mouths of those of us who practice the electrical trade full time, took the test, and pay insurance premiums to cover our work.

I am also not the electrial police. In fact I do not know of such an agency in this country. I do know about the state board of examiners. They will glady investigate any claim (in my state) about unlicenced persons doing electrical work.


Master Electrician
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Re: Help! Need way to locate low voltage light cables

I KNOW I'm digging up a VERY old thread here, was looking for some info on line tracers for low voltage lines and low and behold, google serves up THIS thread as my #2 result! Just thought I'd add the rather ironic twist here that back on 2008 somebody was getting taken out to the woodshed for messin around with those low voltage lines without an electrician's license in WI, but as of 2017 in WI (along with a fair # of other states) there is NO licensing for handling low voltage wiring, which (pardon the pun) is SHOCKING, considering our state's LOVE for licensing (and collecting FEE$$$!!!) but true! Just FYI, many states DO have a separate low voltage license(s) and I thought I heard of at least one that lowered the threshold to 10 volts to need a real, master electrician to hook up your $39.99 Junkibu LV path light set.

Although as a realtor I always tell clients, friends, etc do NOT do electrical work requiring a permit and especially do not hire "handyman Pete" who lists "wiring" among 47 other specialties in his craigslist ad and only takes ca$h payments to do it either and that's mainly for liability reasons, plus chance of possibly having local inspector "bust you", I do find licensing for low voltage work, unless maybe if you're talking about in wall stuff, a bit extreme. Rest easy though, despite this tough talk back in 2008, no LV PD in WI!!!
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Re: Help! Need way to locate low voltage light cables

just buy a good one, and spread the cost out over a few jobs. ie: overhead...

..... oh wow! did NOT pay attention to the date of that OP. I'm assuming that job is done and over with, and OP is on his 3rd or 4th meter by now...


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