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nancyT 09-12-2010 05:08 PM

help installing wall and recessed lights.
Newb here so bare with me. I'm going to be renovating my bathroom and I want to install two wall sconces and one recessed light. This is what i have now, the power coming from one wall light (one white, one black and a ground wire) going to a light switch. What i want to do is add one more wall light between the original light and the switch, then add another switch to power the recessed light. I will be replacing most of the drywall so access shouldn't be a problem. So I need help with the wiring. I have trouble following some of posts on here, but the diagrams I see in here really clear things up for me.

To sum things up, if i can see a diagram for this setup, I would really appreciate it.

(Power source - wall light - wall light - switch(controlling wall lights) - switch(controlling recessed light) - recessed light

Thank you .

a7ecorsair 09-14-2010 07:52 AM

In your existing switch box, what do you have for wires (color) and were are they connected?

oberkc 09-14-2010 09:24 AM

Since access is not a problem, you could run wires anywhere you want. In this case, replace the existing switch box with a double. Route supply power to the switch box. From the switch box, send two cables (black, white, bare, one to each fixture). In the switch box, tie all grounds (bare copper) together and to each switch. Tie all whites together. Split the black supply and send one to each switch. From each switch, connect one of the blacks feeding the fixtures. At each of the fixtures, tie black-to-black and white-to-white, and bare copper to the fixture grounding screw.

macdonald 09-14-2010 08:23 PM

nancyT 09-15-2010 01:58 AM

Thank you so much for all your help. Can't tell you how much I appreciate this.

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