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Carter 10-15-2008 08:30 AM

Help! I have an LED wall lights problem
I am installing 240v, 0.7watt LED flush fitting wall lights into my staircase. I wired conventionally 2 way and ran a 2 core and earth cable to the ground floor switch and 3 core and earth to the upper floor switch. The switches activated the lights ok for on but only went dim when I switch off. The level of dimness was different depending on whether I switched off upstairs or downstairs. I found 18 or 22 volts still getting to the lights depending on where I switch off. I rigged a bench test with power supply, light switch and light. Again light stayed on dim when I switched off. There was 9 volts showing at the light. I disconnected both wires from the switch and kept the ends apart. The light stayed on. As a last resort I removed the outer grey sheath from the cable and separated the "power" to the switch brown wire from from the blue "power" wire from switch to light along their length and the light went out. If I brought the 2 wires together between my fingers the light came on again dim. Seems sufficient voltage is seeping between the 2 wires to keep the light on dim. Has anyone experienced this and has a solution to it except running the 2 wires to the switch in separate outer sheaths and keeping both wires apart which I have done as a test and it works. However I cannot now use the lights 2 way as I cannot run the 3 core and earth cable as separately outer sheathed wires all the way to the upstairs switch.

InPhase277 10-15-2008 09:09 AM

So, the capacitance of the circuit is enough to light these lights? I think I have heard about this before. Maybe you should contact the manufacturer and see what they suggest you do.

theatretch85 10-15-2008 12:36 PM

Maybe they are supposed to be lit up dim instead of going completely off? In all honesty, LED lights consume VERY little power. I don't see the harm in the LED lights being lit up dimly when they don't need to be "on." Otherwise if you want them completely off, probably the best thing to do would be contact the manufacturer like InPhase277 mentioned above.

joed 10-15-2008 01:56 PM

You are not is North America. This is main NA site but we still might be able assist you. Can you post a drawing of how you wired the lights?

Carter 10-16-2008 09:53 AM

Thank you Inphase277, theatretch, joed.

I contacted quality control of my supplier in the UK and they contacted the manufacturer who was in China. Neither reported previously hearing of this problem. The only advice the manufacturer could offer was to reverse the polarity. I tried that. This made no difference.

I did consider ignoring the dim situation as the dimmed lights are not easily visible during the day and yes indeed they use next to no power. My main concern with this option was how much the lights being on continuously even if dimmed would shorten their life. My supplier could not give any assistance re life if on dim continuously as a minimum. I was also concerned that they stay on due to being faulty and therefore potentially unsafe. My supplier and manufacturer gave me the impression the lights should go off.

I intended to draw up how I had wired the lights and send this with the bench test diagram and one of the lights back to my supplier QA department. I will also post drawing as soon as I can get it done.

joed 10-16-2008 10:47 AM

I am concerned that if the power is off they should be off. I am thinking you somehow have them wired in series when the switch is off. Can you post a drawing of how they are wired? If you turn the breaker off to this circuit do they go off completely?

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