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dlopdx 08-15-2007 06:02 PM

help with electrical in bathroom
so i tore off my sheetrock around the bath tub and
the spare bedroom is next to the bathroom, at the end of the bathtub is the electrical outlett for the bedroom located about 8 inches below the tub line? what do i do, move the outlett, it's been fine for 50 years. i am afraid of water getting behind the sheetrock and electricuting someone in the shower. can this happen? should i just make sure the concrete board has no leaks so no water can get behind it? thanks

Speedy Petey 08-15-2007 06:24 PM

All I will do is answer your last question. Yes, that's it.

I know folks have this grave fear of odd things like that happening, but all that is outside of the scope of possibility/reason.

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