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kaosama05 02-17-2008 12:39 PM

help drawing a wiring diagram
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I'm having my 22"X22" garage converted into a den, and to save money I would like to wire it myself. I have a book and some basic wiring experience (I can do damn near anything). I would like to get some input before I try this, because my wife and I run a 5 star - licensed child care program from our home and I don't want to get in trouble during the fire inspection after the full conversion of the garage. I guess the next thing is to list what I figure I'll be wiring. I have attached a draft of a wiring diagram that I will use when I get the permit. Please give me some insight. thanks in advance.

Well the file with the drawn diagram is to big to just insert so here is the written portion of my file, and the drawn diagram is an attached file. I've also attached a drawn diagram of the storage shed.

DR = Duplex Receptacle
2-DR = 2 Duplex Receptacles (1 low on the wall for dvd/surround sound/ect… & 1 high on the wall for wall mounted plasma tv)
W-P-R = Weatherproof Receptacle (outside receptacle)
W-P-LF = Weatherproof Light fixture (motion sensor outside light)
2 Ceiling fan/heaters/lights = 2 ceiling fans that supply heat and light
C-LF = Ceiling Light Fixture (will be motion sensor inside light for hall way that connects to the house)
S-1 = Single-pole switch (located inside at the entrance of the connecting hall way and operates the motion sensor light)
S-3 = Three-way switch (located at the front entrance and the other switch at the entrance to the hall way. Both switches operate the 2 ceiling fans / heaters.
S-P-S = Shed Power Source ( I have a 12x20 shed that is about 80 feet away from the back of this converted garage and It will have 2 duplex receptacles, 1 ceiling mounted interior light with a switch, 1 motion sensor light on the outside, and 1 weatherproof outlet on the outside.
AC-240-R = Air Conditioning Unit line (thinking of wall installed air unit)
Smoke detector = the smoke detector.
Subpanel = the sub panel (I’m going to have an electrician run the line from the main panel to the subpanel)
First thing, here are the hard wire items I will most likely have.
Can someone tell me about heat and air? I have found a fan that has heat. Is this Heat/fan/light any good? Can someone recommend another heat/air fix for this 22”X22” room that won’t break my bank and won’t be loud or just plain crap.
Heating ceiling fan at lowes (click on this link)
Heating ceiling fan manufac page (click on this link)
I think I will be getting a standard wall mounted AC unit. I have not picked one out yet. If you can suggest one from Lowes of Jacksonville,NC (click on link) or Home Depot of Jacksonville,NC (click on link) I would be thankful (the room is 22” X 22”)
2 outside motion sensor lights. Thinking of Heath Zenith 500 Watt Journeyman Security Light (click on link)

1 ceiling mounted light for hall way (just a normal over head light)

I have a 12x20 shed that is about 80 feet away from the back of this converted garage and it will have 2 duplex receptacles, 1 ceiling mounted interior light with a switch, 1 motion sensor light on the outside, and 1 weatherproof outlet on the outside.
All the light switches will be standard

That’s all the hard wire stuff for the room. Now here’s the list of appliances I will be using in the room.

1 50inch Plasma tv, with surround sound system, digital cable box, and blu-ray player (used on the right wall with the 2-DR outlets in the diagram)

1 20inch LCD tv, with Nintendo Wii & PS2 (used on the bottom wall with the 2-DR outlets in the diagram)

1 Refrigerator (used on one of the outlets on the left side wall)

1 small chest freezer (used on the same outlet as the refrigerator)

1 Treadmill (used on the left side wall)

1 Microwave (used on one of the back wall outlets)

1 Computer / printer (used on one of the back wall outlets)

I don’t know how to calculate what type of breaker I need to run all the different outlets and fixtures. Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance.

gregzoll 02-17-2008 05:14 PM

Put the Electronics (TV's, Computer, game system on a separate circuit), the Treadmill on one by itself possibly, due to load. Refrigerators on another, Microwave has to be on its own, lighting is the same, etc. The current NEC can be found at
Also 2007 Fire Codes

arichard21 02-18-2008 06:48 AM

kaosama, I don't know the code 100% and am not a professional, but for what its worth heres my 2 cents...

I would have the following circuits.

1 - 12AWG 20AMP or 14AWG 15 AMP den receptacles (to include hall light)
2 - 12AWG 20AMP exterior lighting and receptacles
3 - 12AWG 20AMP dedicated circuit for treadmill
4 - 12AWG 20AMP dedicated circuit for microwave
5 - 12AWG 20AMP dedicated circuit for fridge and freezer
6 - 12AWG 20AMP circuit for entertainment center
7 - 12AWG 20AMP circuit to shed

the rest, I am not 100% sure on, but you may need to have the 2 fan/heaters each on their own circuit because according to the specs they draw 12.5 amps - too much to put both on a 20AMP circuit.

Also, the AC unit will probably only need 12AWG wiring for it, but it would be smart to pick a unit BEFORE doing the wiring.

jbfan 02-18-2008 11:13 AM

You need to check with ahj. In my area a homeowner can wire anything inside his house, but if you use it for business, then it must be done by an electrician.

gregzoll 02-18-2008 12:08 PM

You are correct, especially for a Daycare.

gregzoll 02-18-2008 12:10 PM

The fridges can be on 15 amp circuits, along with the Computer/Electronics. Exterior Lighting & Receptacles can also be on a 15 amp. For the Electronics, I would though place them on a Isolated Circuit, with a Surge protection system to help keep noise out of the Electrical lines.

Stubbie 02-18-2008 07:13 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Drew this very quickly but we can go over it in more detail and others can have input fine tune things. 8 branch circuits

gregzoll 02-18-2008 07:22 PM

The Electronics should be able to get away with just one circuit, and no other outlets attached to that circuit. I take it that the Orange are Isolated Outlets.

Stubbie 02-18-2008 07:27 PM

I have to step out for awhile but the orange was just to show the tv locations. I'm not sure what a big plasma draws for current plus the supporting equipment. In order to get it right we will need some load spec's of the equipment. This is just an overlay to get things started.

gregzoll 02-18-2008 07:36 PM

Our's draws 387W. At the most, we have a Motorola DVR running, and the Plasma on a Surge Power strip (DVD, Stereo, and 5 disc CD changer are mostly off all the time, unless we watch DVD's). Because our's is a older home, the Living room, and Front entry/outside lighting are hooked to the same circuit. There is also 3 other convenience outlets.

We get away with a 20 amp circuit for the desktop, due to also have a Window unit that runs off of the same, but only in the summer months. You do notice some noise in the monitor though.

For future Ref Stubbie, in case you need something as a Rule of thumb, this can be a nice favorite

Stubbie 02-18-2008 07:40 PM

Thanks I'll save that one. Be back on in an hour or so.


Stubbie 02-18-2008 08:42 PM

The treadmill is another question mark as excersise equipment if upper end product can easily need a individual branch where as those that are 15 amp cord and plug can go about anywhere. the smoke detector location is not going to work but left it there for informational purposes. It will have to go just inside the door where you enter the room.

gregzoll 02-18-2008 08:49 PM

Looks like Section 210.21(b)(1) & 210.23 covers it.

"One individual branch circuit for each treadmill per NEC article
210-21 (b) (1) and 210-23 (or other appropriate, country specific
electrical compliance guidelines). The hot, neutral and ground
wires must each be routed independently (not looped or tied to
other circuits.)"

Stubbie 02-18-2008 08:59 PM

Ok thats good. See we are getting there....:). What is your thought on leaving the 20 amp to the plasma. I considered a plasma load of 500 to 600 watts when I made the dedicated circuit. It's on the other side of the room from the breaker box. My intention was to provide more power than necessary for added growth and that circuit would be a convenient point to access for that purpose.

gregzoll 02-18-2008 09:05 PM

My lighting/Convience circuit is a 15 amp (cannot split off the lighting without pulling new wire) at this time. When I moved into my house, we had only 4 circuits, and at this time, I have all but one empty slot, due to splitting apart the circuits like they should for the upper part of the house. The basement still has 4 circuits, which originally there was just the Dryer & Washer Circuit down there.

I have a 20/20 panel for my house, so you can imagine what I have done to think through my mind how to balance circuits.

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