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boddabing 08-23-2010 05:38 PM

Help- cant get a new ceiling fan light to work
Thanks in advance. A few weeks ago I installed brand new ceiling fan which came with out a light fixture. The fan worked great from the switch and pull cord. All was well.

That victory lasted a few days then my wife needed a light fixture to be added to the fan.

Yesterday i picked up a new light fixture but I could not get it to work at all. I have check the bulbs and my wiring of the light and all seem good. but when tested the fan works fine but the light is in-op.

I pulled down the entire fan and took another look at the wiring. I have an old Victorian home (120 yo) and the wiring is pretty old too in that part of the home. All the incoming electrical wires in the ceiling only have two wires; one is white and the other is black/white. My confusion is that I have 3 pairs of these wires in the ceiling where the fan is mounted.

The fan I put in replaced an overhead light and I just kept that configuration from the incoming ceiling wires and hooked up the fan.

My current configuration is: White wire to fan is connected to 2 white wires from ceiling

The black and additional black and white wire from fan were combined and connected to the remaining white wire from the ceiling.

The green wire from fan is connected to green wire from mount.

The 3 additional black/white wires in the ceiling are combined and put together.

I have seen 2 wire configurations for ceiling fans on this DIY forums but none for 3 incoming wires. Please help the wife is driving me nuts.

dSilanskas 08-23-2010 07:27 PM

All the black wires from the fan and including a blue wire if it has one attach to the same black wire that the light was attached too. All the whites from the fan attach to the same white wire that the light was attached too.

boddabing 08-25-2010 07:03 PM

the light is attached hooked up properly to the fan. The issue is how the fan is hooked up to the electrical wires in the ceiling. I have 3 sets of wires in the ceiling my thoughts are 2 are switch legs which go to the 2 side by side switches on the wall and the other wire is ?. I have 4 wires coming into the 2 switches on the wall. 1 switch is fed by 1 wire. the other switch is fed by the remaining 3 wires. I am a little over my head here with all these wires.

Jim Port 08-25-2010 09:12 PM

If you look above the motor canopy do you see a black with white stripe or a blue wire connected to any ceiling wires? This is the feed thru the stem down to the fixture connector.

Stubbie 08-25-2010 09:13 PM

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Older homes usually used switch loops with power entering the ceiling box first. So you say you are positive you have the light dome connected correctly to the fan.
But I'm not understanding how you connected the new light domes wiring? If you had the fan working correctly it would have been a simple matter to connect the light hot wire and its neutral to the fan wire hot and neutral.

Now if you have been changing the wiring around you may have forgotten how the fan was wired.

To sort this out you need a voltage tester do you have one and know how to use it??

My guess is this diagram below ... this would be common if you want to switch the fan and light from the wall switch or you can have the light on the wall switch leaving the pulll string on and the fan only on a pull string your choice and the two cables taking power elsewhere.

secutanudu 08-25-2010 10:01 PM

You said you replaced an overhead light with a fan...did you replace the ceiling box with a fan-rated one also? If not, it is very important that you do.

boddabing 08-26-2010 05:24 PM

So, if the fan was working properly then the light should function properly? and there is not a different wiring configuration for adding the light? If that is the case I will put it back the way it was at first and hook the light back up. I am getting pretty quick at putting this thing up and taking it down. Hopefully, I was at fault when hooking up the light. But, it is so easy to do there are only 2 wires, I will feel like a JA, if that is the case.:laughing:

PS I do have a proper mount

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