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titan7 04-30-2011 06:19 PM

Help with 220 electric range hook up
Hooking up a GE Cafe Electric 220 range. I have a 3 slot 220 electric outlet on the wall already. I hooked up the two outer power leads to the two outside terminals on the block and the center neutral to the middle terminal on the block. I followed the directions in the installation manual. However, on the back of the range there is a sticker stating not to disconnect the ground strap, there is no ground strap back there?? There is a green screw on the back with a tab that says ground but there is nothing in the directions about this???? Is there another wire I need to hook up other than the three on the 220 wire??

Do I need to run a ground strap from the neutural terminal to this ground screw in the back of the range?? If so what gauge wire??

Missouri Bound 04-30-2011 06:32 PM

If you have a model # it would be easier to help you. Are the instructions available online?

titan7 04-30-2011 06:47 PM

Its a GE Cafe CS 980.

The directions are a bit misleading, they give instructions for hooking up the 3 wires, (2) hots on the outside, neutral in the middle, okay easy, then there in bold it states, "do not remove the ground strap connection, the issue is there is no ground strap on the terminal block? The photo in the manual is a bit different from the actual range. To make matters more confusing there is a sticker on the back called "3wire connection option".

It states place a wire to the middle terminal on the wiring block and connect the other end to the ground screw on the back of the body of the oven.

here is a photo. so are we good or do I need to run a wire from the middle terminal on the wiring block to that green ground screw?

So which it right or are they both correct?? I need to get this in as it's sitting in the middle of the kitchen.

Also, what's that copper strap next to the sticker? Is that a ground straP? Is that meant to be removed and installed on the wiring block? Looks like it???

Wow, sometimes the easiest things become so complex.


Missouri Bound 04-30-2011 07:05 PM

I've looked at the instructions, and you are correct....any chance the center terminal is connected to ground by how it's mounted? It's hard to tell by the photo, although the photo is quite good. I know you want to get this done, but have you called the 800 number? My instinct is to follow the "3-wire connection option" Very often the instructions and the product aren't in the same sync...and I think this is one of those times. Is that yellow tag the 3 wire sticker you mention?

rjniles 04-30-2011 07:11 PM

The ground strap is in place from the factory. It is a metal strap from the middle terminal, leave it be. Connect your 3 wire cord with the 2 hots on the oputside terminals and the neutral in the center.

AllanJ 04-30-2011 07:15 PM

Can you see a wire or metal ribbon connecting the middle part of the terminal strip to the metal frame somewhere else instead of the green screw?

Missouri Bound 04-30-2011 07:15 PM

Handy, apparently it's not in place....that's the reason for the question.

titan7 04-30-2011 07:35 PM

actually, the ground strap is attached to the range, in the left of the photo. I was looking at it and thought why is that sitting there with one screw. I disconnected it and it fits perfectly in the middle terminal and the curves back an I was able to secure the other side by a screw. appears the ground strap is attached but not hooked up.

Missouri Bound 04-30-2011 07:39 PM

There you go! Glad you figured it out.

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