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heeellllppppp me and my sister change light fixture

is someone avaliable to help me and my sister change light fixture!!.. everything just going wrong!!


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Turn off power
Undo screws/nuts etc holding old fixture in place
Undo black/white/ground wires from old fixture
Attach black/white/ground to new fixture
Secure new fixture w/screws etc to hold it in place


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What is going wrong? Need a picture of the old and the new.
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After the power is off at the breaker box (not the light switch) and you take off the cover plate don't disconnect anything. Unless you are absolutely sure you have the right circuit shut off check with a voltmeter to make sure all the wires in the box are truly dead.

Second thing to do for an inexperienced person is to draw every wire in the box and what it's hooked to. Your going to need to put it back together exactly the same and most beginners have trouble remembering what connected to what. You can even use little pieces of tape to label each wire if that will help.

After that its easy. Just hook the same color wires from the new light to where the same colors of the old light were attached.
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Take lots of photo's! After you have turned off the circuit breaker, take a photo each time that you remove something.
Generally, there are two screws holding the fixture up. Sometimes these screws are driven with a screw-driver, sometimes there will be a 'nut' that is turned off with a nut driver. In both cases, turn them anti-clockwise to undo them.
When the fixture drops away from the ceiling/wall, the wires can be accessed in the electrical box.
What I do, is cut the wires from the old fixture, about an inch from the wire nuts. This gets it out of the way. And yet lets you know what wires were connected to what.
Next, if there's a green or bare copper wire connect this to the green wire on the new fixture with a wire nut. Or if possible, connect the new green wire to the terminal screw.
Next, connect the new white wire in place of the old one that was cut off.
Finally, connect the black wire in place of the black one that was cut off.
Tuck all the wires into the box and screw the fixture into place.
Then, turn the panel breaker back on, and try out your new light!
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If you get it taken apart and have any questions at all, please come back and ask one of these kind gentlemen. If you don't get everything put back together properly, you could start a fire in your wall/ceiling. I don't mean to scare you, but it's better to be safe than sorry.



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