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almenaaj 07-12-2012 06:18 AM

HArbor Breeze ceiling fan turns off/on by itself (no remote)

So I've come to a strange predicament with a Harbor Breeze Springfield ceiling fan that was installed approximately 2.5 years ago. The fan has worked great up until recently when it shut off during the past heatwave that we had. I figured it was a circuit so I went to the box and checked and there was nothing wrong. I live in a 4 apartment building so I checked everyone else's as well and all the breakers were ok. I decided that a wire must have wiggled it's way loose somewhere so I opened up the housing as well as the wall switch and checked all the connections. Everything good there as well.

Then I start thinking it must be the old wiring in the building (very old electrical work maybe renovated in the 70s? not sure). All of a sudden the fan turned back on by itself. So now I am stumped, I bought an electrical tester and was going to check the load, but I think it is getting sufficient power and not sure why it would work great up until now. Things I have tried:

-thought it was a GFCI receptacle needing to be reset somewhere (checked every where in the building including other apartments...all in working order)
-maybe overheating?...nowhere in the manual does it say that the fan automatically shuts off if overheating
-changed the breaker at the luck

I have researched and have found people with this issue typically have remotes that control the fan, which this makes sense to me. However, this is a pull chain fan and like I said only a little more than a couple years old. Does anyone have any clue or advice? At this point anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

k_buz 07-12-2012 06:31 AM

Loose splice somewhere...maybe at the fan...maybe somewhere else. Start at the fan and work your way back.

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