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Halogen flood lights


I just purchased my first home, and I'm eager to begin home improvements!

One thing that always bugged me in the apartments I've lived in is the lighting. I really don't like incandenscent lights, preferring the whiter light of halogens.

My new home has recessed flood lights in my living and dining room. I removed one light to inspect it, and it looks like a 65W incandescent light.

I went to Home Depot and purchased a 60W halogen flood light (BR30) that looked similar. I came home, installed it, and it worked just fine, and gave that clearer, whiter light.

Three questions. First, is it true that the halogen bulb puts out more lumens of light? On the Philips Halogena box, it says 700 lumens for the 60W halogen BR30, and something like 350 lumens for the 60W incandescent BR30. The installed bulb appears brighter, but it's difficult to tell with all the other lights on at the same time. Is it really twice as bright?

Second, I see that there is a 75W version of the BR30 flood. How do I know if the socket can handle that additional wattage? I might want to have the lights above the kitchen be 75W.

Third, I saw that I can purchase "Satco" bulbs on line for far cheaper than Home Depot. For example, I found this site that sells the bulbs for $2.60-$3.25 each, as opposed to the $7/bulb that Home Depot charges. But I've never heard of Satco before. Are they reliable?

Thanks for the advice.
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Halogen flood lights

Satco is pretty common from electrical supply houses, never used them in my own home, so can't say on the reliability.

If you remove the bulb and trim from one of the cans, there should be a sticker in there that says the maximum wattage for the can. 75max is typical.

As for the brightness of halogen compared to incandescent, I think there is truth to it, though not sure if it's double. I had 2 incan. lamps in my living room(60W) and now have 1 150W halogen and it's much brighter. I even have an analog lumen tester perhaps I should check it out.

I know halogens burn hotter, so if you install the 75W bulbs and the can cycles on and off then you need to bump down to the next wattage.
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Halogen flood lights

Well, I've just found that my tester needs to be calibrated, but from the 150W halogen 250 lumens and the 60W incandescent 40 lumens. So the math works out to be 2.5 times more light from the halogen.

Again to everyone else who reads this, my tester is old and needs to be calibrated.

It's not a lumen tester, but rather a "foot candle meter"
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Halogen flood lights

Satco was always a good brand IMO. Not very widely marketed though.
I like that they always used brass screw shells. Brass has much less tendency to freeze up in aluminum sockets.
When I worked in a lighting store on Long Island a loooong time ago I used to go to Satco's warehouse for pickups.
Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
Answers based on the 2008 & 2011 NEC. If you're on the '14 already I feel sorry for you.
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Halogen flood lights

Also -- has anyone heard of "full spectrum" incandescents? How do they compare to halogens?
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Halogen flood lights

All of the full spectrum bulbs are outstanding. The light is actually a different temperature, its more closely what resembles sun light. You say you prefer Halogens over incandescent because you avoid the yellowish glow? Full spectrums will give more of the same, only better. The temperature is supposed to make you feel happier and be more pleasing as well as bring out the colors and accents in the room, I can atest, it is amazing! Colors come out incredibly and the lights are so pleasing - they are awesome.

Also, when changing the wattage of the bulbs, make sure that if you have a dimmer, you make sure you don't exceed the wattage allowed there. Stay under 80% of the rated wattage.
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