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Thanks Stubbie. I understand.

One more question, what happens when the switch is off, but the plug is still plugged in to the I still protected?

Once again, thank you.



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The electrical branch circuit will be protected up to the switch... when it is off. If a fault occurs on the load side of the switch (motor side) as soon as you turn on the switch letting power to the motor the gfci breaker will instantly trip. Basically any current flow that is irregular to the gfci and what it expects to see on that motor branch will cause it to trip.

The gfci cannot 'see' a fault without current flow so power must be applied to the branch circuit. The gfci will react to any fault when power is being utilized or not utilized anywhere on the branch circuit if your using a gfci breaker. In other words if the switch is off and a fault is created for whatever reason at the motor or the wiring from the switch to the motor as soon as you turn that switch on the gfci is going to trip out. If a fault occurs during operation of the motor the gfci will trip. If a fault occurs between the switch and the gfci breaker with the switch off the gfci will trip.
Remember gfci breakers are combination devices the gfci part trips when very small leakages (5ma or so) of current go to ground or to a grounded leg (white wire) such as an insulation failure in the motor. They also will trip on overload or overcurrent just like any other breaker.
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have an above ground pool. was asked to ground it or bond it. can i do this myself. pleasea advise. thanks.
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Originally Posted by derjuggernaut View Post
have an above ground pool. was asked to ground it or bond it. can i do this myself. pleasea advise. thanks.
No. Call an electrician familiar with pool bonding.


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