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GFI Tripping

I have a 3 year old Cherokee electric grill (12Amp draw) made by TEC. It is on my lanai but not exposed to the elements. Within the last couple of months the GFI would trip after I had the grill on for about 15 minutes, the normal warm-up time. I replaced the 20 amp GFI and circuit breaker today and tried the grill tonight. Same problem- after 15 minutes, it popped. I tried something different- a heavy duty extension cord to a non GFI electrical outlet, but on the same circuit- and the grill ran perfectly. I noted that in both instances, that the electrial plug and a couple of inches of cord below the plug were very warm to the touch.
My guess is that there might be some type of wire damage or break within the plug. That is about all I can figure out - tried replacing the GFI with the same results......any other thoughts? Have purchased a new plug but before I install it, thought I would get some other thoughts. Thanks.


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The element in the grille is going bad. That is my thought on it.

Obviously it is not the wiring and the grille is the problem if it is still tripping a GFI after replacing all those parts.
You could have saved yourself a lot of time and money if you just found another GFI to plug it into.


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By bypassing the GFCI with a drop cord, you have proved that the grill most likely is not the issue. GFCI's are not overload devices, they are short circuit devices. Meaning that if the grill was drawing more current than the breaker allows the breaker trips not the GFCI.
It is entirely possible the cord for the grill is bad.
You say it gets warm tothe touch. When the grill heats up the defective cord may be expanding and showing itself as a short circuit and tripping the GFCI.
Before you install the new GFCI check the cord or replace it. Open the box where the GFCI is located and make sure all the connections are good and the wiring does not look like it's been hot. Make sure the bare ground is not close to any terminals.
Because it takes awhile for the GFCI to trip I beleive it is heat that is causing the problem. If all looks good then install the new GFCI. Let us know, I'm curious now.
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JV - he already replace the GFI, and ran the Grill on a non-GFI circuit. It takes very little current "leakage" to trip a GFI.

I think Speedy is correct, the Element is going bad. Might try cleaning the Grill first, in case there is a lot of "stuff" around the elements - ( old food, grease, ashes). Plug something else into the same outlet the Grill is plugged into to "prove" the circuit.
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Thanks for the advice. The grill is a closed element infra-red grill by TEC. They no longer sell this product. While it was a great idea, there were obviously some design issues. What I neglected to mention in the original problem was that several months ago the heating element did not heat. The grill would turn on, but not heat, and no GFI or circuit breaker tripping. I sent it back to the manufacturer and it came back "fixed". But now, it trips the GFI. Since the original problem was something to do with the element, that indeed might be the problem now. Cannot really tell in that it is sealed in a stainless steel case with a glass top. Does this aid you in your diagnosis? Thanks again for your help.......maybe best to change the plug and then see what happens.
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I think you should take the grill to the dump and let the county workers there use it, and go buy a nice charcoal grill.


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