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aphio43 10-21-2006 12:22 PM

GFI Issues, Please help newb
I was out working in the yard last Sat and tripped one of the outside outlets. All four outside outlets and all bathroom outlets stopped working after this. I did some research on GFI and figured these were all connected to a GFI outlet.

I checked my breaker box and found two regular circuit breakers marked GFI. One was connected to the GFI outlet in the kitchen and is working as expected. The second GFI breaker may be connected to the outside/bathroom outlets but I have no way of checking since these outlets are off. No breakers tripped when the outlet popped and Ive even cycled power on all breakers to no avail.

Here's the kicker, I cant for the life of me find this other GFI outlet which controls the outside/bathroom outlets. Ive been looking for a week now to no avail and its driving me nuts. Ive checked all the usual places like garage, kitchen and bathrooms and even the rest of the house but I cant locate this other GFI outlet. Im not even sure if there is supposed to be one or not but im all out of ideas and need some help as to what to do next.

I even tried to remove the GFI outlet from the kitchen and replaced one of the bathroom outlets with it but it wouldnt reset once installed. Any other suggestions as to how I could send this GFI reset signal on this breaker line to reenergize these outlets would be perfect.

Thanks for all ur help.

mdshunk 10-21-2006 01:21 PM

It sure sounds like there is a GFCI someplaced that you havn't found. Front of house, back of house, in crawl space, in garage, under deck, in bathroom. You might have to break down and call an electrician. They can put some wire tracing equipment on the dead circuit and narrow down the problem.

aphio43 10-21-2006 01:58 PM

Can I purchase these self diagnostics tools from Home Depot etc.

I live in FL and I dont have any crawl space, basement, pool or deck etc so it limits the searching but still nada. Could it be that the previous owner replaced GFI with a generic outlet on this line due to cost and never bothered updating it.

Could it be the breaker itself is dead. Is there a reliable way to test this breaker without killing myself.

dougrus 10-21-2006 02:24 PM said these are on a "normal breaker"?
Are you sure these outlets are not on an actual GFI breaker? You would see a reset button on the breaker itself.
If it was though I think the outlets would have to be labeled with GFI stickers...but you never know.
Just a thought.

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