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GFCI trouble-shooting


I have a jacuzzi tub upstairs which was installed along with a bathroom fan, light, heater combo. This was done years ago during a re-model. Apparently the 240 line which was brought up was split in to 2 110 feeds & put into 2 separate GFCI outlets. These outlets were installed in a very difficult area to access; in the space under the fiberglass tub. Hard to imagine this, I know, but they would trip-off once in a while. It was very difficult to reset, as I had to remove the paneling from the wall in the next room, reach in through the fiberglass insulation and push reset, then put everything back together again. I guess the bone-head who designed it didn't think the GFCI's would ever trip. Anyway, after the last 5 years without Jacuzzi or fart fan, I decided it was time to relocate the GFCI's. I made a junction box where the old GFCI box was, connected wires & ran them to a much more accessible spot in the bathroom. Then the wiring was run from these GFCI's back to nearly the same location as the junction box, where a new, non-GFCI electrical box was installed w/ an electrical outlet (30A). The tabs were broke to provide 2 separate circuit outlets for the 2 plug-ins to go in to. One for the fan/light combo. The other for the jacuzzi. Power is now on, GFCI's reset & they have power & power is provided to the new single gang outlet as tested w/ my circuit tester. As soon as I plug in either of the afore-mentioned appliances, the GFCI trips off. Where is the problem?
Thank you in advance. . . . . . .Jefmeller


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The fan wiring would only need gfi protection if over a tub or shower.

The receptacle should not be 30 amps.

What splices did you make?


Answers based on the National Electrical Code. Local amendments may apply. Check with your local building officials.
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GFCI trouble-shooting reply

The fan electrical comes down from the light/fan electrical box (which is in the middle of the bathroom) via romex & ends in a male outlet plug which has been plugged in to a GFCI plug all these years until now. Same with the jacuzzi tub electrical. Should I be safe & get rid of the male plugs & end these both in junction boxes like I'm supposed to? You asked me what splices & these would be the suspect ones. Other than that, I have a splice in the junction box that is where the old GFI box was. Then it runs via water-tight conduit to another, new box where it (the 240 line) ends split in to 2 gfi plugs into the "LINE" terminals. Then via the "LOAD" terminals continues back through the same conduit back to the same original junction box, through another short run of water-tight conduit into a receptacle box where the 30A plug is. My electrical tester says I've wired it good up to here. Oh, and the reason I got 30 A plugs, is because all this line is 10g.

Thanks again. . . . . . Jefmeller
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You need to make sure that the earths and neutrals
are all seperate lines back to the panel.
And the neutral and earth should be bonded
only in one place, in the main panel.
Are there any secondary earths or neutrals ?
there should not be !
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Once you are on the load side of Gfcis you cannot cross connect the neutral wires or connect them to a neutral which runs back to the panel. Think of them as isolated neutrals which can only go to loads which use the hot from the same load side gfci.
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