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GFCI questions

Putting a GFCI in my kitchen(first outlet in circuit to protect the others)
This is a 20A circuit (12-2 wire)

The current wiring is such that the panel feed for this circuit comes into the first outlet and then there are TWO wires leaving the outlet(backwired), one goes to an outlet on the south kitchen wall and the other goes to two other outlets on the opposite kitchen wall.
This has always been this way as I am the original home owner and have never touched this circuit.

Question #1
I'm told this is 'questionable' wiring?

ALso, in reading the instructions for installing the GFCI I had intended to put in place of this 'first outlet' on this circuit, it says to NOT do this?

Does anyone have any idea why this is?

Is this not a safe practice?

Question #2
I purchased by mistake 20A GFCI and all the remaining outlets on the ciruit are 15A outlets (recall however, this is a 20A circuit with 12-2 wire)

Am I ok using these 20A GFCI outlets I purchased as the first outlet on each of the two circuits feeding my kitchen?

Thx in advance


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1 Nothing questionable about the wiring methed.

2 It is ok to use the 20 amp gfci to feed the rest.


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Any idea why the box (it's a leviton GFCI) says 'DO NOT install into a box with more than 2 cables' ?

What would make this different than a standard outlet wiring I described above (unless it's the sheer depth of the GFCI and possibly not enough room for the wires when folded in?)

I'm trying to get around running a new wire here and just use the existing wiring
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Because the box is probably too small for the GFCI unit and all the wires.

Yes you can have a 20 amp circuit and/or a 20 amp GFCI unit feeding 15 amp receptacles. The restriction is that there must be at least two receptacles on the entire circuit where one duplex receptacle unit counts as two.

When two wires want to go under the same screw, and would not be held in place by grooves or a retaining washer even if not curved around the screw, then you must do this: Cut a short length of wire of the same color and attach it to both wires. Connect the other end to the screw. This consumes even more space in the box even though the box fill rules (in the U.S.A) count it as zero points of occupancy for the extra length (pigtail) and the wire nut. The GFCI unit counts the same two points as a switch or ordinary receptacle even though it is somewhat bigger.
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