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dave0419 08-17-2007 10:55 PM

gfci problem - 120v between ground and neutral
Hi, I have a rental property where there's currently no electricity on one side of the house. No electricity in master bedroom, master bathroom, and garage (the washer/dryer connection is in the garage). I openned up the gfci outlet in the master bath and measured no voltage between neutral(white) and hot(black). However, there is 120v between ground(green) and neutral. There's also 120v between ground and hot. Can you guys tell me what the problem could be here? Thanks.

Stubbie 08-18-2007 12:01 AM

You have an open neutral wire somewhere in the branch circuit. 120 volts between ground and neutral is due to other loads on the circuit. 0 volts neutral to hot indicates open in the neutral white wire. Use of digital multimeter is fine but you must understand what the meter is telling you in house wiring situations. If you connect a analog multimeter or neon tester between hot and neutral needle will register minimal voltage and the two wire neon tester will not light up.
Turn the breaker off and find everything on the circuit that isnt working. Power off!! Look in the working outlet boxes for a poorly connected or disconnected neutral serving onward power to the non-working outlets. If nothing is found then start checking the non-working outlets. It could be in a switch box, a receptacle box or ceiling box.


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