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GFCI outlets

I have GFCI outlets in my bathroms but only 1 in each. Also in the kitchen near the sink bug again only 1. My realtor says all outlets near the sink myst have them but I understood that you could only have 1 on the circuit. I am concerned about getting passed on inspection when I get ready to sell (soon hopefully) If any thing trips 1 the power shuts off in the entire area. Do I need to have more installed and is it even acceptable.

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GFCI outlets

All outlets serving the countertop ust be GFCI protected, but that can be done with one or two GFCI outlets. GFCI outlets have line and load connections, the load side can serve downstream outlets on a circuit. Countertops are supposes to have 2 20A circuits, so one GFCI outlet can serve each circuit. Or the circuit could be protected with GFCI breakers. If none of this makes sense, have an electrician check things out.

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GFCI outlets

Trip out the GFCI unit and see if the other outlets serving the counter areas also go dead.

That will help determine if you have GFCI protection as required.

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GFCI outlets

Just to give you another way to check, you could buy a GFCI outlet tester, like this, for less than $10 USD:

You can plug this in any outlet, and press the button on the tester. If the outlet "turns off", it means the button successfully tripped a GFCI outlet (or breaker) earlier in the circuit, and it is protected. Any outlet or switch further down the circuit is now "off" too. The next step would be finding the outlet/breaker that tripped so you can "turn on" (press the reset button) all the stuff that is now dead.


If you go this route, make sure you get a tester with gfci functionality. The kind without has no button on it, so just make sure it has one.

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GFCI outlets

All receptacles in the bathroom require GFI protection. Regular receptacles if wired from the load side of the GFI are fine.

Your realtor is partially correct, but it is ALL receptacles not just within reach of water.

There are ways to install more than one GFI device on a circuit and have it work.
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GFCI outlets

Thanks. I have tripped the GFCI and all outlets in the kitchen and bath are off. I knew that already but the realator said it didnt matter they all had to be GCFI. I have a feeling she did not know what she is talking about but I do have an electrician scheduled to check it out.

Thanks for the info. Maybe I can return the 5 outlets she said I was going to need to replace and save some money.

I do need 2 for the outlets outside as I dont think they are protected but am not sure. Although when we were getting the house pressure washed the outside back one tripped and I reset the GFCI in the kitchen and there was no power.
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GFCI outlets

1 GFCI tripped the kitchen & bath ?
Bathroom is required to have a dedicated 20a these days
And outside outlets can no loger be fed from the bathroom or the kitchen

You are not required to meet current code
But a good idea if you will have any electric work done
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GFCI outlets

How old this house and the rough estame if done any rewiring in the house the reason why with older house some case they will only have one RCD { GFCI } for kitchen plus bathroom plus garage as well if attached.

If this house is builted after 1985 or later it will have seperated circuit between kitchen and bathroom and BOTH will have it own RCD in there.

And by modern code the kitchen required two circuits or more and it have to be 20 amp the bathroom circuit only serve in bathroom[s] but nothing out of bathrooms at all.

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GFCI outlets

Sorry, I don't think I was ery clear. The GFCI outlets in the baths trip everything in the baths and the 1 in the kitchen tripped the outside outlet on the back of the house. There is not one in the laundry room but there is one in the garage. I will let the electrician review and determine what is needed. I was just curious if there was really another needed in the bath and kitchen since the 1 in each room rips everything in that area. The house was built in 1996

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