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dive_instructor 06-03-2011 07:31 AM

GFCI Issue
Hi everyone,

I could use some assistance with the below issue.

Directly below my electrical panel is a GFCI outlet. A few feet to the right of this was another outlet feed from the load side of the GFI.

I decided I didn't need this other outlet so I disconnected it from the GFCI. Put everything back together and now my outlet has an amber light on it (didnt have it before) and I can't reset it. It trips immediately. I never touched the line side of this circuit.

To clarify the circuit breaker doesn't trip, but the GFCI is tripping with nothing plugged into it.

What did I do wrong? This should be really simple. :huh:



Jim Port 06-03-2011 07:37 AM

Describe the connections you removed. You should have removed the LOAD wires.

Is the ground touching the neutral?

dive_instructor 06-03-2011 07:39 AM

Hi Jim,

Yes I removed the load wires. The line wires were not touched.

There is no ground connection inside the box, even though they installed a 3 prong outlet.

gregzoll 06-03-2011 07:53 AM

Post a picture of the wiring and the back of the gfi where they connect, and if comfortable with pulling the cover off the panel, post the picture of the wiring where the gfi connects inside it. Sounds like possible shorted wire, or could be that the gfi just went bad (murphy's law), which had nothing to do with removing the wiring.

dive_instructor 06-03-2011 07:58 AM

Hi Greg,

It crossed my mind that the GFI went bad, was going to go pick up another tonight to make sure.

When I removed the load wires I did have to pull the outlet out to do it. Maybe when I stuffed it back in I caused an issue??

I can post a pic of the wiring and inside the panel tonight. I think I will just put in another outlet to see if that is a quick fix as well.


gregzoll 06-03-2011 08:04 AM

I had a brand new one off the shelf that when you pressed the test button, it still caused current leakage. Only way we found out, was having a LED night light plugged into the other outlet downstream. Once I replaced with a Leviton Pro-series, have had no problems. I would just pull the outlet, double check the wiring on the screws that they are secure when you try to tug on them, if they are hooked up correctly & snug, when you put it back into the box, try to make it as neat as you can. If they are too long out of the box, you may have to cut a little shorter.

Look at it this way, it is a easy project that can be done in five minutes.

Leah Frances 06-03-2011 08:23 AM

I hate it when I do things like that. :mad:

I've gotten in the habit of snapping pictures as I work so I can remember how things were set up before, middle, and after. Can't tell you how many times it's saved my butt. Lots of folks have cameras in their cell phones - use it for good.

And.... If it ain't broke.... don't fix it.

gregzoll 06-03-2011 09:05 AM

Leah, I wish I would have thought about that when I rrplaced the transmission on our washer. Had to pull it apart because I left out one part, due to had to in the middle of it to go do something else. The job of a homeowner never stops.

dive_instructor 06-03-2011 10:42 PM

Replaced outlet with a new one and it issues.

Thanks for the suggestions and questions.


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