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GFCI help please.

Does a bathroom's and laundry room's outlets all need to be GFCI or just GFCI protected, in this case with the first outlet being gfci?
And if they have a 20a circuit, with multiple outlets, can you use 15a gfci's as you can on a regular circuit with regular outlets?

Also, did the code change in 08 requiring the bath circuit to be 20a? Found the answer in 210.11(3). The reason I ask is because my Black and Decker, book Copyright 2005 which states it complies with the new NEC, shows numerous diagrams with 1 15a bath circuit for everything with gfci outlets for every outlet.

Just trying to make sure I don't have to redo anything else.


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The B&D book was very wrong then. The 20A requirement for bath receptacles has been for a few code cycles. I think since 1999.

ALL bath receptacles must be GFI protected.
Laundry receptacles within 6' of a sink must be protected.
This can be achieved with a GFI breaker; the first device in the circuit can be a GFI device; or every receptacle be a GFI device. The code does not care.

Yes, a 20A circuit can have 15A GFIs. This is typical.


Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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just put in one gfci outlet and daisy chain off of it. gfci breaker is way more expensive then gfci outlet $30 or $10 its your choice
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Some images to help you with your project......from the mike holt website. The bathroom receptacle(s) as Speedy has mentioned must be gfci protected.
The receptacle can be either a 15 amp 5-15r or a 20 amp 5-20r but the branch circuit must be rated 20 amps with 20 amp circuit breaker on #12 awg copper wire.

Notice that the receptacle that is within 6 feet of the sink and is in the laundry room is the only one that needs gfci. The one to the right does not need it even though it is within 6 feet because it is not in the laundry room. Simply put... no sink in laundry no gfci required.

Also remember, if it would apply to you, that once the required number of 20 amp circuits have been run if you bring any other circuits into those rooms they can be whatever you want. Some would argue with this but I've never seen it refused by an inspector. You just need to be sure gfci is where it is supposed to be.The whole idea behind the required 20 amp circuit thing as you have probably guessed is to get the minimum amount of power to those rooms to operate the typical appliances used in those areas without overloads and tripping breakers. There are more and more local codes that are requiring 12 awq 20 amp circuits to all general purpose receptacle branch circuits. To my knowledge there are no municipalities in KC with that requirement.
You have two choices for a bathroom(s) this was laid out in what I listed in my first post.

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