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GFCI & ground rod at pond; GFCI inside double gang box?

I am installing a weatherproof outlet at my pond which is 35 feet from my house. My house was built in 1948 and none of my household circuits are grounded. I will, of course, be installing a GFCI (15A to match circuit) at the pond. FIRST QUESTION: I was going to use an in-use double gang weatherproof box and put the GFCI in line with an additional outlet next to it, so that I would have four (protected) outlets for my pond pumps. I was just reading the instructions for installing the GFCI and it states to have no more than two wires, not counting the ground, inside the box. It shows a diagram of the GFCI in a single-gang box, and then the load line coming off and going to another single gang box. Is this true - can I not put a GFCI and an additional double outlet inside the same box (which would be 4 wires not counting grounds)? SECOND QUESTION: As I said before, my circuits are not grounded. I had planned on driving in a ground rod at the pond and connecting copper wire to the GFCI ground terminal, along with the ground wire from the 12/2 cable I'm running - and also tie into the other double outlet's ground. I read somewhere on a pond forum that one should not connect a ground rod to the GFCI. I have had conflicting info from "sperts" at local hardware stores - they say use a ground rod, but the online pond "sperts" say no. So I'm asking yet another expert to break the tie and hopefully set my mind to rest. I want this to be safe. FYI - This will not be a dedicated circuit - I am tapping into an existing 15A circuit that has very little load (ceiling lights, etc.) - this same circuit is from where I am currently using an extension cord for the pond pumps, and from which another line (romex underground) was in use for 30 years prior to becoming "compromised". (It was here when I moved in....) Thanks much for any help.


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Extending ungrounded circuits is not kosher. New wiring methods with a ground need to be installed.

You do not need a ground rod at the pond. Ground rods are for things like lightning strikes.


Answers based on the National Electrical Code. Local amendments may apply. Check with your local building officials.
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I have a pond also! In my case I have a dedicated circuit (15 amp). Just before this circuit exits the house I have a GFCI and a switch mounted in a 2 gang box.
At the pond I have a standard duplex receptacle where I plug in the 1/2 HP circulating pump and my 10 watt fountain pump.
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2 points: romex is not allowed outside even in conduit. There is not reason why you can't put a GFI and a plug in a 2gang box w/ WP cover as planned.

The right way to do this would be to come from your panel with a new circuit. Either UF, or PVC and THWN.
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GFCI and grounding

Thanks for all the replies - I appreciate the input. I am attempting to amend my initial plan. Upon investigating, I found an unused ground rod at the corner of my house, about 10 feet away from the switch in my laundry room that controls the electricity for my patio and pond areas. Would it be possible, or kosher, to tie in the ground rod to the line, at the switch, before the patio outlets and before it makes it's 35 foot trek out to the pond? Running a new line from the breaker box is not feasible at this time, and as stated before, my current household outlets are two-prong, un-grounded. I could also ground the line to the pipes in the laundry room if that is better than a ground rod? That's the grounding issue....

GFI issue: Currently, I was going to install a GFI at the pond. But, the patio outlets do not have GFI's, either. So now I am thinking of installing the GFI at the switch in my laundry room that would protect everything - patio and pond. Is this "kosher"?

It's a learning process. I want to be safe. Again, I appreciate the input.

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Do not try to a ground by connecting or installing a ground rod. Ground rod are not for that purpose.
As stated in a previous post run a circuit from the panel to the pond.


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