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llenod 04-05-2011 10:25 PM

GFCI Conduit question
I am installing a new subpanel and want to use an existing conduit to run my lines. Right now the conduit is being used to run a non GFCI DP 30 Amp breaker feed to a subpanel that houses 2 20AMP SP GFCI breakers. I want to add an addl subpanel and run more cable in the same conduit. However I will be using a 30 AMP DP GFCI breaker in the main panel rather than a standard dp breaker.

Obviously it seems harmless, but maybe I'm missing something or there is something in code that would prevent me from doing this.

Thanks for the help,


Just Bill 04-06-2011 06:22 AM

Not sure I understand, but a GFCI protection is only needed below grade, or in wet locations.

kbsparky 04-06-2011 06:26 AM

Are any of these conduits associated with circuits for a swimming pool?

llenod 04-06-2011 12:09 PM

All of this has to do with a pool :)

I am adding a 30amp subpanel rather than upgrading my current 30 amp panel due to wire cost. ($1 ft) at lowes for #6 THHN if I upgrade to a 50amp.

So i have almost entire spool of #10 black. I have about a 32' run from my main to the sub. So I would only need to purchase around 40' of #10 white.

I am assuming (tell me if I'm wrong) I can just loop my ground from 1 sub panel to another or if I have to run all the way back to the main.

My current sub has 2 20amp SP GFCI breakers feeding back to the 30 amp DP breaker at the main.

On this new panel, I want to GFCI protect it at the main and use standard breakers on the sub.

Reading Section 680 only suggests I need GFCI protection for my equipment and doesn't specify if it should be on the branch circuit or at the feeder except for the light niche, which is on the original sub panel being protected by a 20amp gfci breaker.

So now if I haven't completely confused you :-), my question stands - can I run my new cables in the same conduit? It would be THHN cable BTW - all code. It is 3/4" electrical PVC conduit. (All passed code 4 years ago).

Also, tell me if you see kinks in my current plan.

The one thing I know I will hear is, that GFCI in the main can be a !@#$ if it starts tripping, b/c I won't know which branch circuit is causing it. I understand that, but my funds are limited, and this doesn't sacrifice safety just would make my troubleshooting more of a PITA.

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