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orloosem 05-12-2013 10:21 AM

GFCI Breaker Tripping
Hello all, Newbie to the forum here...

I am a very frustrated new hot tub owner. I purchase a Hot Tub back in Aug 2012. Had a professional electrician can and do the wiring and install an outdoor GFCI breaker in box. The Hot tub company delivered the hot tub started it up and wham ! It worked fine for approx 6 glorious weeks. The I noticed the water level was dropping quite dramatically. I had to add water nearly every second day. Then Wham ! The breaker tripped. At first I could reset it BUT after a week i could no longer rest it. I called the hot tub company and after a while they came out to have a look. I was not at home when they came but the told me that they had replace the pump ( it had been the source of the leak ) fine. When I tried to start the Hot tub again in ran for about 2 minutes then the breaker tripped again. I called my electrician to come look and the GCFI and all his wiring is good. The tub would run for a few minutes then breaker would trip. The TUB company said they have done all they can do and their " so called tech checked everything out and it is working " I have not been home to see him do this. Now I can not even turn on the breaker without it tripping. Owned the tub for 8 months got 6 weeks use... A little upset... Anyway does anyone out there have ANY ideas, what to check for, I really would like this tub functional . BTW the tub does not appear to be leaking BUT I can not run it to find out.. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. I can not afford to keep calling the electrician out at $100 a pop to look at his work. If you have any ideas or have had a similar issue I would love to hear it
Cheers:furious:..Could it the the Ozonator ?

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