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Getting a 200Amp Square D OQ Panel. What about surge protector?

The electrician who will be installing a 200Amp Square D QO panel (as an upgrade) is not very convinced that a whole house surge protector (WHSP) is worth it because he's seen many devices damaged due to surges despite the WHSP. I still want one just for added protection even though I will have point-of-use protection for the entertainment center as well as the computer equipments. He doesn't have one to recommend, so I told him that I would supply it to him when he does the panel installation next week. Now, the question is... which one?

I'm agonizing over following choices:
1) Since we are installing Square D panel, I naturally first looked at their protectors. After reading specs and finding prices, I think the panel board SPD (QO2175SB) is our best bet. $92. 900 Joules. 27,000Amp Max. 2 year and up to $10,000 warranty. Pros: Least intrusive (just a breaker) Cons: Need to order online, low Joules rating.

2) Eaton Complete Home Surge Protection (CHSPT2MICRO) from Home Depot. $60. 1890 Joules. 36000 Amp Max. Covers Appliances replacement cost (secondary to insurance). No mention of years (really?). Pros: higher protection, cheaper, local home center purchase, seemingly better warranty. Cons: need to be screwed to a knockout hole (need room outside of enclosure) or put inside the panel (use up precious room).

3. An apparently no-name brand Delta Surge Protectors out of Texus. I only heard of them after reading one post or two on GardenWeb. Pros: much cheaper ($150 total for a package including Lightening Arrestor, Surge Capacitor, and Data line protector); Highest protection of all three (2,000 joules and 60,000 Amp Max on the lightening arrestor). Cons: Also will take room either outside or inside the panel enclosure; Not sure if UL listed (uneasy about it); No damage warranty coverage (other than replacing the unit itself).

What would you choose? Or any better suggestions?

Along the same line, one more question: I will be installing an expensive (to me) induction cooktop and would really like to have that one specifically protected. It needs to be hardwired. Is there anyway I can provide an extra layer of surge protection for this circuit itself? I went through Square D QO circuit breakers and could not find one that integrates the surge protection.

Sorry about the long post. Thank you for reading.


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I just used the Intermatic on mine. The Eaton is a good one. Most of the time, they are attached to the panel board, that you attach the load center on. The Intermatic attaches directly to the side or bottom of the LC. It is your choosing. Now, you can also check with your POCO to see if they offer the ones that go between the meter & the meter can, but those are the pricier ones.


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Thanks Greg. The local HD does not stock any WHSPs, so I just placed the order on the Eaton. I can still return it if I change my mind before the installation, but it appears to be a good choice.
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Cutler-Hammer has panels with the surge protection module built-in.
Answers based on the National Electrical Code. Local amendments may apply. Check with your local building officials.
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