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FLA = Full load amps

How does a house in the mountains get three phase power? WTF?


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Hello Andy:

And the darn thing sounds as noisey as the cockpit of my old Dash8! Everytime it comes on I thank myself I no longer have to endure that hell.
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that type of pump controler i am not fully famuiar with it but the basic operation is about the same as the VFD is and good thing you have soft start that will be a big plus for useing with generator power to limit the amout of current to start up the pump motor.

but really IMO you should have the incomming single phase wire before the pump controller to check the input current [ i am not worry about the voltage but the amparage that what it will get the genny in stall mode ]

as long the running amparage is under 15 amp or less you should able run with the generator but i just cant garranute it will work good unless you check the incomming amprage.

the tool we used to read amp is what we called clamp on ampmeter it will mesure the current to see if drawing in proper level.

Merci, Marc
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I'm with you on this one, Marc. Although I think that there could be the tiny chance of one outstanding problem - harmonics.

Many large generator sets that are used to supply large UPs's etc, are normally oversized to about 150%. Eg a 50kVA generator would need to be 75kVA. The reason is "harmonics".
This is only needed if the load is large compared to the supply...usually if the load is greater than about 75% of the supply capability.

The problem is heating. The windings in generators do not like the extra heat created by harmonics. The result is either a slow "failure" of the generator or the inability to supply the load adequately. The purported 8 Amps FLA of the OPs' load should not be a problem in this case but just a thought anyway.

VSD's create lots of harmonics.


Switchboard design engineer & Licensed Electrician (Australia).

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