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Macklin 03-26-2011 06:52 PM

Generator wiring to Breaker panel
I have a portable generator : Single Phase 120V 3500 running Watts, Floating neutral. I am using an Interlock Kit on the panel and a convenience plug to the outside. I have wired the 3 conducter wire from convenience plug to the generator breaker W - one pole of breaker B- one pole of breaker and G to Ground buss bar. Upon running test I find I have 120V coming into generator breaker, but no power to the individual breakers in my panel. Turning on individual breakers results in no power to those circuits. Oddly enough, I have power leaving the main breaker box to a sub panel in the basement and arriving on the sub panel in the basement but the same result at the sub panel. No power to the individual breakers. Is this a result of the generator being floating neutral or the fact that my breakers in the panel are Siemens QP preventing backfeed? Have I wired the generator breaker incorrectly / Should my W(neutral) also go to Buss Bar ?

joed 03-26-2011 07:18 PM

You are trying to feed a 240 volt panel with 120 volts. Remove the white wire from the breaker and put it on the neutral bar. You will only be able energize half your panel with the generator you have.

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