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donaldo88 01-30-2011 06:06 PM

Generator and Transfer Switch Compatibility
I have a WEN PowerPro 5500, rated at 5000W, 5500 surge, 20.5A. Has a socket for 30A plug. I also have a GenTran 20216 6-pole manual switch rated at 5000W, two are ganged together. The integral plug is a 20A design. The suggested installation instructions say 12ga. 4-wire. I want to run cable from the switch by the panelboard, across the basement, up and across the garage to the generator where I can roll it out the door. Is it permissible to have the different plug designs on opposite ends of the cable? Is 90 ft. total too far? Home D had 600V rated cable that looked too thick for the plug designs, they had no lesser-insulated cable. The only ready-terminated cables they had were 25 ft. I will select 4 critical circuits along with the 220V for my well pump, to stay alive, and keep my wife (somewhat) happy during the inevitable next outage. Thanks for comments. :eek:

joed 01-30-2011 06:48 PM

The cable you install in the walls from the panel to the garage need to be NM cable. You can't use the cabtire that is normally used for extension cords in the walls. Put an inlet on the garage end then use a short cord from the generator to the inlet.

donaldo88 01-31-2011 08:37 PM

Cable will be exposed in the basement, hung from the joists or sill, penetrate the sill, then exposed along the studs in the garage. I'm not familiar with the term 'cabtire', is that a CA term? Thanks for helpful comments

AllanJ 02-01-2011 07:18 AM

The part in or fastened to the walls or ceiling can't be extension cord. The part lying on the ground between the house and the generator can't be NM (Romex). Hence the need for an inlet (male receptacle) on the side of the house and a separate exterior cord.

If the cable is run across the joists, not in bored holes which in turn must be of approved size, then a 1x3 or so running board needs to be put across the joists following the intended route of the cable and the cable fastened to that.

joed 02-01-2011 07:57 AM

Cabtire = round black cable common to extention cords. I think the technical name might be SO or SOJ. Its not suitable for intallation inside walls.

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