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BJohnston 11-06-2012 02:45 PM

Generator Manual Transfer Switch
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Hey guys,
In the next few weeks I plan on installing a TRC1006D manual generator transfer switch. Moved into a new house this summer and have already lost power 3x (Sandy was 6 days). So we’re biting the bullet and installing a 5500watt generator to run the essential functions in the house.

I purchased a TRC10006D as it uses the same Siemens breakers currently installed in our main panel. We have a 200amp service. I do have some electrical skills and have worked in the panel prior to this. I believe I have done my research but wanted to make sure everything I’m doing is AT LEAST minimum code. I believe if something exceeds code but increases the safety or effectiveness of a product I’m all for it. So, if there is something extra I can do please let me know.
I’ve attached a picture of the internals of the transfer switch as I can’t seem to find any online.

My plan is to use a 60amp 2 pole breaker in the main and run (2) insulated 6 gauge THNN wires to the 100amp breaker (utility) in the transfer switch.

I will run (1) insulated 6 gauge THNN wire between the neutral in the main and the neutral in the transfer switch.

As the panel will NOT be connected to the main via metal conduit, I will run (1) 8 gauge bare solid copper wire between the grounded bar in the transfer switch and the main.

Here are my questions:
1. Is it ok to use a 60amp breaker in the main to power the transfer switch. The breaker in the transfer switch is a 100amp.

2. Do I need to connect both ground bars? I think I’ll only use one of them. If I do plan on using both bars, can I run 8 gauge bare copper between them? They are not insulated from the transfer panel. Would it just be easier/better to use metal conduit and avoid this step?

3. There is a green set screw on the Neutral bar, it has not been tightened down, should I just remove it?

I think that’s it for now, hope you guys can provide some constructive feedback.
Thank you.

Gensetter 11-06-2012 03:33 PM

1. Yes.

2. No, you only need to connect 1. You can still use both, the back-panel connects them.

3. Be sure that the screw to bond the neutral bar to the back-panel is removed. You do not want neutral and ground bonded in this panel, only your main service disconnect (which may be your main panel).

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