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gas in oil tank

i haven't used my generator i a few years went to start it and found i have gas in the oil. are there repair manuals out there and parts?? if so how do i get my hands on them??


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gas in oil tank

You will have to clean the carburetor and change the oil. Probably a stuck open needle valve in the carburetor flooded the engine and got into the oil. I would clean the carburetor change the oil and install a fuel shutoff so when you are done using it you turn off the fuel to the unit and let it run out of fuel. If it's electric start make sure you turn off the key when it stops running.


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gas in oil tank

I'd guess you left the fuel valve on and the needle valve in the carberator is stuck and it dumped fuel into the top of the cylinders which leaked past the rings into the crank case.
Drain the oil, rebuild the carberator and you should be back in business.
A simple way to cheak to see if that's the case is to shut off the fuel valve, remove the bowl on the carberator and turn the fuel back on. As it's dripping lift up on the float, it should completly shut off the fuel flow.
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gas in oil tank

If dismantling the carburetor (let alone rebuilding it) intimidates you, you could install the cutoff valve in the fuel line from the gas tank and use that as described above and, if the generator still runs, not bother to touch the carburetor.
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gas in oil tank

What brand of generator is it? Who is the manufacturer of the engine? If it's somebody common like Briggs & Stratton, Onan, Generac, etc., there's most likely a manual and parts available for it. If it's a cheap Chinese unit, you're likely out of luck. But that said, the carburetor probably doesn't need to be rebuilt, just taken apart and cleaned. There's not a lot to those little ones so it isn't hard to do. They actually have only a few moving parts.

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