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eastment 11-21-2005 10:31 PM

Garage - Protecting wiring installation
Hi all, new to this forum, first post.

I live in Colorado, North of Denver. I'm building a garage/barn (pole building - metal siding/roof). I plan to install the all of the electrical and have a question about wiring protection. FYI - this is my first home/garage wiring project.

Per NEC 300.4 "Protection Against Physical Damage" it states "Where subject to physical damage, conductors shall be adequately protected."

1.Since my building has a ceiling height of approximately 12', is it acceptable to run my wiring (NM sheathed cable) along the sides of the trusses/bracing/eave purlins etc. (all wiring to be run @ 11' to 12' above ground) without providing protection such as EMT,FMC, PVC, etc.? i.e. is a ceiling with all exposed framing and structural members typically viewed as an area that would require protection of wiring?

2. I was thinking I'd affix the NM to the wood members with plastic cable staples or U-shaped nails. If the answer to question #1 is "yes" then how would you affix the NM to the wood members in the ceiling? FYI, this building will not have any drywall installed; all framing and structural members are exposed.

Thanks in advance or the response.


K2eoj 11-22-2005 09:18 AM

From what I've been reading on other threads, that protection thing may be up to the inspector's interpretation so you might ask him. In my part of Colorado, pole barns are allowed on agricultural properties only and no permits are required because it is difficult for a pole barn to meet our code requirements. I personally have never heard of someone putting up a pole barn and then trying to get a electrical inspection. Of course every county is different and there are the state eletrical inspectors for areas that don't have a building dept. <P>
I usually keep a stock of good used halide and fluorescent light fixtures if when you get to that point you might be interested. About $20-30 for a 400w halide. $10 for fluorescents with electronic ballast and t-8's. HS

eastment 11-23-2005 08:57 AM


This building is intended to be a garage/barn. It is a "pole building" but not the 1940's style. We have 10 Acres zoned Ag at the moment. Our city requires a permit for this type of construction, thus inspections - at least that is what we were told. I don't want to get started on the subject of permits, it is a sore one indeed.

All that aside, this building was engineered and approved by the city so I don't foresee any problems, but then again I was sorely disappointed with the permit process so I guess this one could go down hill just as fast. I've put a call in to the inspector for his take on the wiring protection, thanks for the info.

I am interested in the lights you have, we are about to purchase the electrical and lighting. Could you e-mail me a link to the manufacturers’ websites, or get me some photos of both the fluorescent and halide units?

I would greatly appreciate it.


Teetorbilt 11-23-2005 09:07 PM

I still install EMT. The extra safety margin is worth it to me plus it is easy to add new wires if you ever want to change anything. IMHO romex is an industry SNAFU.

Speedy Petey 11-26-2005 11:52 AM

Romex/NM is perfectly fine for this application. I would just keep it near framing cross members. DO NOT drill the trusses. For extra safety you can install "running boards" and run the wire along side them. You may already have tie backs you can run along.

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