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anervoustwitch 03-12-2009 07:40 PM

garage door opener issue
i have a liftmaster garage door that wont close. when you hit the start button, it starts and reverses very quickly and then the light flashes 10 times.

this code indicates that the safety sensors are out of whack. neither of them light up, so this seems like a reasonable diagnosis to me.

i tried just shorting the connection the sensors make on the back of the opener, but it does the same thing.

really id be happy just bypassing the sensors altogether. i dont have kids or pets that go outside, so the only things that might be damaged is property, and im ok with that.

short of pulling the sensors and trying to figure out what they do, does anyone have a suggestion or something i might try? im not otherwise sure of the condition of the opener, so id rather see if i can force it to work before i go and spend money on it.


unclduey 03-12-2009 08:18 PM

Take the sensors off the brackets and face them together to test, eye to eye.

joed 03-12-2009 08:50 PM

Usually a door will open with a sensor problem. It is the closing that sensors prevent.

anervoustwitch 03-12-2009 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by joed (Post 243948)
Usually a door will open with a sensor problem. It is the closing that sensors prevent.

well played. fixed in the writeup.

joed 03-13-2009 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by anervoustwitch (Post 243950)
well played. fixed in the writeup.

Since it is closing issue now, you are probably correct in the sensor problem. It just didn't make sense to have sensor issue with opening.

Stubbie 03-13-2009 08:52 AM

You can't short the sensors you have an open contact when the door is allowed to close. I ran across this problem like yours once and I found it to be a fogged over lens on one of the sensors. I had to take the sensor apart and dry the inside of the lens off and it worked just fine after that. Might check the lenses of both sensors.

Chemist1961 03-14-2009 06:13 AM

Yes, sounds like your sensors need cleaning or alignment. It is easly to knock one loose if they are not securely fastened. When they are pointed eye to eye they will light up! Once it's done tightend the brackets and recheck the lights

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