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Gern 11-04-2012 03:37 PM

Garage/compressor/electrical question
I am looking for a small compressor for tire pressure, bikes and basketballs to run in my garage in our apartment complex.
There is only one outlet in each garage and its next to the garage door opener above my truck. One of the two plug ins is for the opener. It is standard 120v.
I will have to use an extension cord (25ft 10ga).
I have a bigger compressor wired for 110 but it trips the breaker. Then I have to get the apartment maintenance guys to reset it.
I want to avoid that.
I am currently looking at this Senco:
This shows to be a 4 amp motor.

Is this a small enough compressor to run on that circuit and avoid it tripping the breaker?
I dont want to buy this and have the same problem with the breaker.
Hoping you electricians can give me some guidelines or advice on how to stay within our complexes electrical loads without overdoing it.

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